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 Mon, May 16, 2022 at 2:49 PM UTC by Christian

The Official Announcement of the Destroyer from Heaven’s Court

The Official Announcement of the Destroyer from Heaven’s Court

May 14, 2022

Vicki Goforth Parnell

I was awakened suddenly with these words being spoken to me:

“Hear ye, hear ye one and all. Hear the word of the Lord of the great God Jehovah of heaven who sits on his throne ruling in righteousness and glory. Hear me now! Hear me well O’ people of the earth. I come with a message of tidings. Tidings to your world. This message is your official presentation to your world!”

“Gabriel, I hear you! I feel you, but I can’t see you with my natural eyes yet.”

“Daughter of Faith, of Grace, of Mercy and of Understanding I give to you from the throne room of heaven from the great God Jehovah and his Son, the risen Lamb Jesus of Nazareth, eyes to be open to the truth and not only to the natural which is in reality a charade, of true reality.”

I see now before me once again the angel Gabriel. He is again wearing holy armor from head to toe that emits a glow that I realize is from God’s holy presence from where he stands before him often.
Once again, he is holding an open scroll in his hands. I see that it’s much like the scrolls he’s carried before and read in times past. This time the Golden Scrolls writing is in dark red that reminds me of the color of blood.

Behind him are three more armor clad angels that appear as men of great statue like Gabriel. Yet at the same time, I know somehow that they are taller than how they are appearing to me now.

“I see you, Gabriel, along with the other three armor-clad angels with you.”

“Yes, Daughter of Faith, of Grace, of Mercy, and of Understanding. Now hear these words from the courts of heaven.”

“The time has officially come O’ people of the earth for your sentences, your pronounced judgment to be served both to the individuals and to the whole people of the earth. A time of weeping, a time of mourning.”

“This is the official announcement to your world that the destroyer by legal rights is here to strike with the arm of judgment of the risen Lamb Jesus, and to do his bidding, his commands, which he has received from he who sits on the throne, the only true and living God, Jehovah, at this appointed time of this day and of this hour!”

“The destroyer is officially released to complete his task that lays ahead for your world! No longer shall he be partially contained, but is hereby released by the command of the Living God Jehovah.”

“It begins at this releasing of this heavenly official announcement! You were warned out of love of what was to come if evil people refused to repent! You are now once again warned out of love of what is to come upon your world, for he, the great God Jehovah does nothing without giving word to his servants the prophets and prophetesses.”

“Hear me now O’ people of the earth and hear me well. The striking of the destroyer is the time of now! Those of his, of the risen Lamb who trust in the Lamb shall be safe in his covering of blood, for those commanded by Jehovah God, the ruler of all the heavens and the Earth, to not be touched by the strikes of the destroyer.”

“This O’ people of the earth is your official announcement from heaven’s court for all things must be done in order by the legal system of heaven set up by the great God Jehovah himself, when he created the heavens and the earth by his commands and his son Jesus, the risen Lamb’s hands. This order cannot be changed! A time of weeping! A time of wailing for the people of the earth!”

Then I watch as he rolls the golden scroll back up with his powerful hands. Then he looks at me with his intelligent blue eyes, making direct contact with mine and he speaks again, but in a softer voice.

“Oh, beloved daughter of the King, the risen Lamb Jesus. He imparts to you this knowledge to share. The destroyer shall strike as Jesus, the holy Lamb strikes. You have found favor in the eyes of both the Father God, he who rules in Majesty and justice and with the Son Jesus the risen Lamb and conquering King.”

After speaking these words, he takes the now completely rolled up scroll and attaches it somehow firmly to the right side of his belt. He pulls out his flaming sword as the other three angels standing behind him follows his example.

“Now, beloved Daughter of Faith of Grace and Mercy and of Understanding, I leave you. You have been given this heavenly official message, this announcement to share as the Holy Spirit moves upon you and guides you. Will you do as you are asked and share this message to your world in the name of Jesus, of Yeshua the risen, holy Lamb?”

“Yes, yes, I will, Gabriel, with his help and in his name, the name of Jesus, I will, because there’s no way for me to do such things in my own power and strength.”

“We go now, beloved daughter. Know that you are loved by both the Father Jehovah and Jesus his Son the risen lamb.”

Then he is gone and so are the other three angels, and I’m sitting in my bed, stunned. Now I’m praying and I now feel more of our borrowed time has failed, and we are out of time here on this Earth.


Amos 3:7
Jeremiah 4:11-13
Jeremiah 4:18-31