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 Thu, Aug 3, 2023 at 7:57 PM UTC by Christian

The Great Madness and the Mark of the Beast

AUGUST 2, 2023 4:00 PM
Olasubomi Williams

Children, I would like to speak with you concerning the beast system and its laws. The beast system is a system that seeks to replace me and my own systems. It is the system of the antichrist used to bring about a luciferian world order (An order of lawlessness). You see it being relentlessly pushed in your movies, your news outlets, your advertisements, your workspaces and so much more. Many of my own are entrenched in this system. This system has been in the works for a very long time. Satan cannot establish himself so he needs humans to help him establish it. He tells the evil ones what to do to enact this plan so that he can reign in this world as its rulers. He does not care for them or anyone of them except the antichrist. For he will rule on this rock called Earth for a short period of time. Children, here is a parable. There are 3 idiots (A pig, a chick, and a lamb) who are being led by a wolf. The wolf tells them that if they gather more of their kindred to the lair of the wolf, they will be like the wolf. So the 3 idiots agreed and gathered as many of their brethren into the lair of the wolf. Then the wolf called his pack and told the 3 idiots to enter deep into the lair. When the wolves asked “will we be safe? Will we become like you?”. Then the wolf turned and devoured the 3 idiots. The wolf’s pack then sealed the entrance and then the wolf turned to his brethren and said, “Brethren, together we shall feast on the flesh and the blood of these ones, we shall eat till we are full”. Then the pack devoured the multitudes until there was none left.

The wolf is Satan, the pack of wolves are the nephilims, the fallen ones, the aliens and the demons. The 3 idiots are the kings and princes of this world, the evil men and the rulers of this world. The cave represents the one world government and the beast system, the luciferian order. Satan hates you all with a burning desire, in that you were made in my image. So he wants to alter you and forge you into his own image. He wants to write his own will into your DNA and program you how he sees fit.

The great madness will begin, the evil ones will now enact laws to abolish all of my laws that I have given to my children since the beginning of time. In their bid for control, they will push certain agendas to the masses with great force. They will not stop until they have a multitude of people who will agree to their agendas. Many of my own will run to the mountain and hide, many will run to the hills and to the valleys to escape the great madness, sound doctrine will be all but abolished, the darkness will be so great that it will overcome anything in its way. But thanks be unto the father YAHUAH who has made a way during these times. My own will shine brighter than the sun, and they will overthrow and overcome the darkness. Many of my children will be persecuted, jailed, tortured and even be put to death for my name.

The mere mention of my name will cause many to be jailed or outrightly killed. You are seeing it in Israel and in the Northern parts of Nigeria. My son, my vessel, the raw material needed for the enactment of the mark of the beast is being harvested in your home country in the far reaches of Borno state. They have already gathered enough of this material to reach the population of the world. AI and Robots will take over certain industries and many are already seeing the effects. The witness of the antichrist Elon Musk will push out more electric vehicles in the years to come as well as other car manufacturer brands. Soon, gas powered vehicles will be all but past history. More and more attacks on my people will be frequent to the point where the government will have to intervene. Do not celebrate because they will do far worse than what a mob will do. I am slowly unveiling my plans to you so that you can prepare yourselves my children. You must cleanse your garments and pick up your cross every single day. Be quick to repent and confess if you have sinned against me and ask for my holy spirit to remind you of your iniquities in case you may have forgotten. Finally, whenever a new technology rolls out, do not be in a rush to get them. Seek me before buying and getting them, then I will give you my answer. Also, cover everything you have with my mighty precious blood that cleanses all.

My children, do not receive the mark of the beast for it is far worse than you can imagine. Social credit scores, transitioning from gas to electric, Artificial intelligence as well as chatGPT, social media and other forms of technology were all created to destroy freewill. The freewill that I YAH your Elohim has given to you. Your freewill that satan wants badly but cannot have; Yes, that freewill. The freedom of right to life, expression, creativity and so on. Satan is a control freak. Many of his plans is about controlling you and dumbing you down. But thanks be unto the father, that he has given me as well as his spirit power over him. For he has no power against me. To me, he is like an ant, but he boasts himself to be Almighty to the evil ones. He knows his time is up, so he will deceive many into going into hell. I love you my children. Repent my lost ones and be blessed. Your king Yeshua Ha Masheach.

 Thu, Aug 3, 2023 at 8:11 PM UTC by Christian

Re: The Great Madness and the Mark of the Beast

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