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 Sun, Aug 6, 2023 at 4:45 PM UTC by Christian
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Official Proclamation of Antichrist’s Time

Official Proclamation of Antichrist’s Time, 7-11-23 @10:41am
(Up-loaded on 8-3-23)

I’m in my room talking with my lovely Jesus, when I see the Angel Gabriel appear before me. I hear him say, “I come officially with an announcement for you.” “But you’re not wearing all your amor or carrying all your weapons, nor are you escorted.” “But I am, daughter of heaven. I am. I come with a host of mighty Angels and Cherubims, my brothers who have accompanied me, who ensure this message is delivered and received, also ensuring my safe return to the Throne Room of Heaven’s Courts.”

“Gabriel, what is the official proclamation or word you have come to bring me.” Only now do I realize he has a scroll with him. It’s smaller in size than most but just as regal as the others. It has been carried in a pouch that was worn over his neck. His garment is like a long flowing white robe. On his feet are boots like sandals, for lack of a better description.

“Gabriel, please be seated. I can hear you just as well from right here, unless you officially have to stand to give this proclamation.” “No, daughter of Heaven, I do not.” “Then by all means, Gabriel, please sit, my friend and give the word.” Gabriel is sitting on the end of my bed now in my bedroom. I watch as he removes the scroll from the pouch, that I could see into, ‘cause I knew it was somehow made out of transparent gold. (It was weaved into a gold pouch, but it was transparent.)

He breaks open easily the golden seal and I hear a slight “whooshing” sound as if the air has been released. He opens it up and begins reading:

“It has been declared, written within Heaven’s Courts, by the almighty God and His Risen Lamb - His Son Jesus the Christ that this official advancement of time, a shifting has been officially declared upon the Earth. This official proclamation is hereby given on orders of Heaven’s Courts: the countdown of antichrist’s, the man of sin’s days to rise to power on top of the Earth has now begun.

The rise of the two end time witnesses begins now with their faces officially seen by the world after 40 days and 40 nights in the presence of the Risen Lamb and others, as they officially are called to active duty as witnesses. This notification shall be declared to each witness personally by myself, Angel Gabriel, by orders from Heaven’s Courts.

Now though I must go.” And then Gabriel says, “Goodbye, daughter of faith.” And now he’s gone with only the indention in my bed’s mattress showing where he had been sitting.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 - To everything there is a season and a time; to every purpose under the heaven.

Daniel 7:25
Rev. 13:5
Dan. 11:36-39; 12:7
Zechariah 4
Malachi 4:5
Rev. 11:1-14
Amos 3:7
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