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 Wed, Aug 9, 2023 at 1:01 AM UTC by Christian
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Satan Animates the False Heretical Church, Present in Rome, and He Spreads Lies from There

Satan Animates the False Heretical Church, Present in Rome, and He Spreads Lies from There

Message of the Immaculate Conception (Teotokos) to Mario D'Ignazio in Brindisi, Italy on July 19, 2023 at Home

Follow My Message of Reconciliation, Way of Fatima. Watch, turn away from the pagan world, from the Evil One, pray.

Satan walks among the shepherds of the flock. Satan walks among you also. He is everywhere now. Satan animates the false heretical church, present in Rome, and he spreads lies from there. They are creating a new ecumenical, monist and pantheist, syncretist and relativist church to nullify duality, to nullify the Cross and the teaching of the Gospel. The Vatican has condemned many apparitions, attributing My works to Satan, and Satan's works to Me.

Remember not to give pearls to swine. Remember to cut down the dry trees that do not bear fruit. Satan is strong and will tempt even the elect, mystics and Instruments to sin. Let every action of yours be sanctified. Many think they are Mine, but they are Satan's. Many think they pray to Me, but they pray to Satan, because their lives are not purified and they make the same mistakes.

The times are tightening. The Scales are ready. The Sword of Divine Justice will strike down the wicked. A great war will break out, and blood will flow everywhere. Many churches will be closed, several convents also. Few will be saved. Legions of demons are among you, by the satanic rite of October 4, 2019 (Pachamama idol). The false church of Rome, the synagogue of Satan, has made and makes evocations on the Instruments, so that Satan can replace Me. They do evil spells, sorceries, incantations, to distract the Instruments and make them sin, so it will all pass false.

The false church of Rome will pay dearly for its insolence and irreverence toward the Eucharist, the outraged Holy Missal and the modified Scripture. Let no one change the Divine Word. The false church is right in Rome. There is the head of the new modernist church there. Do not follow it, do not listen to it and do not defend it. It will perish in eternal fire.

You, you of the Little Remnant must pray in communion with His Holiness Benedict XVI and the Heavenly Court. You, you must follow us, spread the Messages and not be confused, obfuscated and derailed by the Red Dragon. Behold, the Time is coming. Here are the trumpets sounding. Behold the Seven Angels with the seven bowls come. Behold the Antichrist with his infernal army come. Behold, the Abysses open, to bring forth the King of Darkness: THE EMPIRE, THE EMPIRE.

The unrighteous man is coming. Fear not My children, fear not, I will be with you to guide you. For years I have been guiding you, blessing, but you are distracted, caught up in other things often. For years I have been giving Messages, Signs, Visions, Prophecies. Listen to Me. Do not be distracted or confused.

Remember to invoke Jesus. Whoever invokes Him will be saved. Whoever invokes the Name of the Lord will be saved. Do not accept the mark of the Beast. Receive the Seal of the Living God. Without the mark you will not be able to sell or buy. Satan will empower the statue to speak. Satan will inspire the false prophet.... Satan will make war on the Saints, the Little Catholic Remnant. Jesus will break the chains. He will deliver you from the Oppressor.

The ten kings of the Antichrist will rule. Babylon will fall. A great darkness has descended on Rome; everything will fall for the worse. The Three Days of Darkness will come, you will have to light the Candlemas candles. Terrible earthquakes will come. Several priests will leave the false church and follow Me. Many are understanding what is happening in Rome. The Walls of Rome will drip blood. Terrible divine punishments will come. It is necessary to pray, to fast, to make amends.

The End of Ends is coming. Let the Little Flock follow only Me, Jesus, the Saints, and not the false church of Rome. Quickly detach yourselves from heresy, heretic, apostate and schismatic. Luther is in hell, others too. Judas was not saved, not even Hitler. Beware, hell really exists. Damned souls can possess you. Beware of false friends, false believers and false prophets. Beware also of relatives for not all believe, pray, follow Me, and there are several possessed among you. Who will deliver them? Trust no one but God alone. Pray, pray, pray.

Brindisi continues the Fatima Appeal, prepares you for the Three Days of Darkness, and the Warning. Brindisi is a Heavenly Appeal, which wants to save souls from eternal damnation. I love and bless you all My children. Schalom, schalom, schalom. I cover you with My Maternal Mantle. I am the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, the Theotokos.

 Wed, Aug 9, 2023 at 1:06 AM UTC by Christian

Re: Satan Animates the False Heretical Church, Present in Rome, and He Spreads Lies from There

A DJ Priest may play his techno music at the closing mass at the World Youth Day 2023

And the traditional mass is opposed by the pope