God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The First Commandment for True, Sanctified Marriage

THE FIRST COMMANDMENT for true, sanctified marriage according to MY HOLY WILL is for every soul, whether man or woman:
Purify your thoughts through MY JESUS-MARIA-LOVE from all existing and from all emerging impurities of hellish self-love, which only knows itself, only wants to satisfy itself, to which everything is right to make the body and soul of the other submissive and, if necessary, to rape them.
Lift up your purified thoughts to ME, GOD THE LORD AND ETERNALLY PERFECT, and long for only one thing: To become perfect like ME and I will fill you with the HOLY BALSAM OF MY HEAVENLY PERFECTION and strengthen your thoughts so that they only want to revel in this eternal perfection, to make your soul pure and luminous, so that MY HOLY SPIRIT can feel at ease in it, penetrate it completely and fill it, so that it may be reborn and born anew in MY HOLY SPIRIT OF ETERNAL LOVE AND PERFECTION!
For know, you man-soul, you woman-soul: Your thoughts are becoming forms of your soul state and so beware of letting forms of unpurified thoughts or even hellish thoughts go out into the world! For behold, everything that is around you and all the new evils that arise in the world and oppress you and seek to gain power over you are the expressions of hellish states of the soul and everything comes back to the originator, like the boomerang that comes back to the thrower!
So live the true LOVE, the pure LOVE, the holy LOVE, which is MY JESUS-MARIA-LOVE, so that the forms of this most holy LOVE may fill everything around you and come back to you in MY BLESSING and thereby gradually dissolve all expressions of hell! For heaven and hell are self-created states!
The Sanctification of Thoughts as Forms of the State of the Soul
Did I not already say in this NEW BIBLE that LOVE is MY ETERNAL STATE! So become the same and create in your soul and its sphere of activity a state of perfection of MY LOVE and you have thereby created the first prerequisite for true marriage, which will be sanctified by ME!
Everyone can fulfill this first commandment for true marriage if he is truly serious about leading a true married life and becoming a partaker of MY GRACE for the return to the true, eternal kingdom of life, My heavens!