God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 8 -

The NEW JERUSALEM, Fundamental Scheme of Order According to the Revelation of John

So I THE LORD take you by MY HOLY HAND, leading you through the next verses of Revelation, which I in MY GRACE once gave to My John. There you now see in the next verse of Revelation that the number "12" plays an outstanding role and also its multiplication by its own size: 12 x 12 = 144.
"And had great and high walls, and had twelve gates, and upon the gates twelve angels, and names written, which are the twelve families of the children of Israel.
From the east three gates, from the north three gates, from the south three gates, from the west three gates.
And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.
And he that talked with me had a golden reed, that he might measure the city, and the gates thereof, and the walls thereof.
And the city is foursquare, and its length is as great as its breadth. And he measured the city with the reed twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the width and the height of the city are equal.
And he measured its walls, a hundred and four and forty cubits, according to the measure of a man, which the angel has.
And the building of the walls thereof was of jasper, and the city of pure gold, like unto pure glass.
And the foundations of the walls and of the city were adorned with all kinds of precious stones. The first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third chalcedony, the fourth emerald.
The fifth a sardonic, the sixth a sardis, the seventh a chrysolite, the eighth a beryl, the ninth a topaz, the tenth a chrysoprase, the eleventh a hyacinth, the twelfth an amethyst.
And the twelve gates were twelve pearls, and each gate was of one pearl; and the streets of the city were all gold as translucent glass."
(John's Revelation 21/12-21)
The "12" is therefore in this NEW JERUSALEM a recurring numerical quantity and the measure of the walls is equal to the measure of a man and angel, equal to one hundred and forty-four cubits; but also the number of the tribes of Israel and My apostles was "12", whose names were recorded in the walls and also the number of the gates was "12" with twelve angels on these gates.
You will ask, where in this NEW JERUSALEM is anything related to the "7", the number of MY HOLY FUNDAMENTAL PROPERTIES.
It too, this holy "7", is visible and recognizable in the NEW JERUSALEM! I will decipher this for you immediately.
Thus we place ME, GOD THE LORD, as the number of all numbers, as the eternally holy fundamental and ordinal number "l" in the center and we arrange My other six main characteristics evenly on the symbol of MY HOLY SPIRIT, the circle. Thus we have before us the circumference of the circle divided by the six other main characteristics in the even order of My ETERNAL LOVE, the "l". Figuratively, this looks exactly as if you were to divide the circumference of a circle into six equal parts with the compass span of the half-meter.
If we then connect the points of order of MY other six main characteristics ordered around ME, the "l", in such a way that first the even numbers are connected, then the odd numbers, then we get two equilateral triangles ordered around ME, the center, in the symbolism of that star, which already once My "chosen people" chose as the symbolic star of MY HOLINESS, YOUR GOD JEHOVAH. And if we now draw from the "l", MY CENTER POINT, a circle with such a radius that it runs through the points of intersection of the two equilateral triangles, the result is an inner circle with the six points of order of My six main characteristics emerging from the "l".
With this we have revealed a most important key position of MY HOLY SPIRIT, as it should be that of every spirit, namely that the inner should radiate outwards in perfect order and the outer should always be equal to the inner, if a spirit lives and works in perfect harmony. And this brings us to the secret of the number "12", which must be the perfect expression of the overall order of a spirit and every work, if something wants to live eternally in MY HOLY ORDER!
Bring this decoded image of MY INNER AND OUTER ORDER before your eyes, telling yourselves that in this symbol you do not have before you an ideology of My "chosen people", but THE HOLY ORDER-SCHEME OF GOD, LORD AND CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, which you should put into practice everywhere yourselves!
Fundamental Scheme of Order
THE NEW JERUSALEM - Fundamental Scheme of Order
This fundamental scheme of order from MY HOLY SPIRIT now reveals, in addition to what has been revealed so far, that the number "12" is not to be traced back in its biblical mystery to Jacob's twelve sons, but it is just the other way round, that the 12 tribes of Israel had to be rooted in MY ORDER if they wanted to be blessed and led!
Accordingly, the twelve gates of the NEW JERUSALEM, which lie in MY ORDER, are also to be understood, and that they are arranged three in each of the four cardinal directions means that MY HOLY SPIRIT IN THE HOLY TRINITY must penetrate and maintain THE NEW JERUSALEM in absolute uniformity, which is why twelve angels also watch over the twelve gates as an expression of the inner and outer order. The walls of the NEW JERUSALEM in this absolute order, built on "twelve foundations", are the firmness of TRUE LOVE IN MY HOLY SPIRIT, and that they have the names of My twelve apostles means that through them THE HOLY LAW OF MY ORDER was fulfilled, as I as THE MESSIAH also expressly emphasized that I had not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it.
That THE NEW JERUSALEM is equal in length, width and height means that it will never live in LOVE, in WISDOM and in WILL other than in the ORDER OF MY HOLY SPIRIT AND WILL, and that the walls lean on the even measure of the multiplication of 12 x 12 = 144, which in turn is in harmony with the measure of a man and an angel as the perfect expression of MY IMAGE!
The walls of the NEW JERUSALEM in this revelatory image of My John could not have been built of anything other than the very noblest stone, jasper, because this is the crystallized LOVE in the material world, just as the pure gold of the city expresses nothing else, but the perfect purity of LOVE, which is so pure that, seen with the eyes of the body, it is like pure glass, revealing that THE LOVE in the NEW JERUSALEM will be permeatingly pure like the invisible HOLY SPIRIT!
This is expressed once again in this revelation picture by the fact that the "alleys of the city", by which every, even the smallest paths of MY CHILDREN OF LOVE are meant, are translucent like glass of pure gold.
Finally, all the "grounds" of the NEW JERUSALEM were adorned in the perfect order with twelve different precious stones and this means that THE TRUE LOVE will truly adorn THE NEW JERUSALEM in the most beautiful and purest variety.
After this perfect ORDER OF THE NEW JERUSALEM in the LOVE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, it cannot be otherwise than that the stage of faith where man needs a visible temple of God is completely overcome; for where MY HOLY ORDER out of MY LOVE reigns in everything, I THE LORD am not only the center and the Alpha and Omega of all being, but also THE TEMPLE OF ALL TEMPLE and everyone is one with MY TEMPLE, since everyone is a temple of himself in MY TEMPLE!
The perfect spiritual state has become the true reality in the NEW JERUSALEM; not only that I, GOD THE LORD AND ETERNAL CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, dwell most directly in and among MY CHILDREN OF LOVE, but also that THE HOLY WORD will have been fulfilled in the NEW JERUSALEM, that GOD lives with His own as THE ONE SHEPHERD with His flock, which was also spoken symbolically, but in the real sense is to be understood to mean that all mankind will have become a perfect UNITY IN LOVE with their true ONE GOD AND CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH!
Therefore My John described it thus:
"And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty is their temple, and the Lamb."
(John's Revelation 21/22)
But the greatness and immeasurable scope, which cannot be grasped by you present men, is also still revealed by My John:
"And the city has no need of the sun, nor of the moon, to shine upon it; for the glory of God enlightens it, and its light is the Lamb."
(John's Revelation 21/23)
With this My John had anticipated something that no one was able to understand in his time and which even today is only possible to grasp for those who have become a true CHILD OF MY LOVE with their heart! For who else of you men will understand that a city needs no sunlight and that only THE GLORY OF GOD illuminates everything?
Thus say I THE LORD to all of you who do not waver and do not sway - although there will also be some readers of this NEW BIBLE who say at this moment: 'Up to now I have endeavored to believe everything, but now this is beyond the capacity of my faith!' and slams this NEW BIBLE shut, but will open it again later.
Verily it is so! For he who has seized ME in the PERFECTION of MY LOVE, he also has THE LIGHT OF ALL LIGHT, he shines like ME, THE LORD!
A natural sun, like the one in your firmament, is only needed where love is still cold and so small that it is hardly recognizable, not to mention that it shines out of itself! And if I would let you men live in the poverty of your love, I say, you could and would not live at all; for you would perish from one day to the next in your darkness!
But where MY LOVE becomes glowing LOVE in a human child, then THE TRUE LOVE begins to shine and radiate and illuminate everything around it! You have read that My greatest prophet Moses had to put a threefold covering around his head when he came from Mount Sinai and spoke to his people Israel; for otherwise none of the still blind children of Israel would have been able to bear this LIGHT FROM MY HOLY LIGHT.
I already told you in this NEW BIBLE that you would not even be able to imagine how THE LOVE of all My human children would multiply if they were all full of true LOVE! And so you have already been told at that time through My John that THE NEW JERUSALEM no longer needs sunlight because MY GLORY illuminates everything!
So at the moment when all My children of this earth have become citizens of the NEW JERUSALEM and perfect LOVE, only the most burning, most merciful JESUS-MARIA-LOVE, so that everything will have united with ME, THE LORD, IN THE PERFECTION, THE GLORY OF MY LIGHT will illuminate everything, so that it will no longer need any other sun! This fact is a truth, a HOLY TRUTH, which is irrefutable!
In the same way it is a HOLY TRUTH that all light in My infinite Creation, thus also the light of all suns and stars, also of the largest central suns, is MY ETERNAL LIGHT OF LOVE: a reflection of MY LOVE-LIGHT!
From this HOLY TRUTH may a light arise for you in your world of thoughts, how indescribable and completely incomprehensible MY ETERNAL LOVE is to you and all creatures!
Certainly, THE NEW JERUSALEM will not be enlightened from MY LIGHT in its entirety right away; for this NEW JERUSALEM will also first have to rise from the initial level of true, perfect LOVE to this highest level of JESUS-MARIA-LOVE; but it will happen faster than you are able to grasp in this earthly moment that THE NEW JERUSALEM will receive its own JESUS-MARIA-LIGHT from the LOVE OF MY MOST HOLY; for "the Lamb" - that is the deepest humility and the highest willingness to sacrifice in mercy as well as unconditional obedience as THE LOVE OF ALL LOVE - has merged into THE GLORY OF GOD, WHICH AS THE LIGHT OF ALL LIGHT SHINES ETERNALLY IN THE NEW JERUSALEM!
And I also said that MY HEAVEN descended upon the earth and will establish THE NEW JERUSALEM, and where MY HEAVEN is, THE HEAVEN FROM THE GLORY OF GOD shines by itself, otherwise it would not be heaven!
So always have this revelation image of the NEW JERUSALEM before your eyes, knowing that this will be THE NEW EARTH and that it is truly time to follow MY HOLY WILL!
More and more you will now recognize that MY HOLY WORD, no matter whether you hear IT from the Old or now from this NEW BIBLE or as MY HOLY VOICE through a human heart, must be grasped from the depth of the spirit, MY HOLY SPIRIT, otherwise you will never recognize THE HOLY TRUTH and become entangled in self-combined fallacies!
Therefore enter fully into MY JESUS-MARIA-LOVE, as it shines radiantly towards you from every page of this MY NEW BIBLE and, according to the sincerity of your efforts, you will be enveloped and penetrated by MY HOLY SPIRIT, which will gradually let you recognize MY KINGDOM, which is not of this world!
So you could also recognize that I THE LORD have long been among you as THE TEMPLE OF THE NEW JERUSALEM, as My John saw it in his seventh vision! For there, where the center of MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, THE LIGHT CIRCLE OF CHRIST, is in this world, I AM THE LORD as THE TEMPLE OF ALL TEMPLE, THE TEMPLE OF THE NEW JERUSALEM! And it is up to you alone, My human children, to gather around this HOLY TEMPLE OF YOUR GOD AND LORD, to hear and fulfill MY HOLY WILL, in order to thereby establish THE NEW JERUSALEM.
And when you come to this MY HOLY TEMPLE, do not expect to see a magnificent building from afar; by no means, but you shall see ME shining in MY HOLY VOICE when it speaks to you there, if I THE LORD will it!
It may be that you go away disappointed again and have neither seen nor heard ME as THE TEMPLE OF ALL TEMPLE, but then it is up to you who do not come there in the deepest humility and possibly with misery in your heart; for it is in this MY LIGHT CIRCLE CENTER exactly as it is described by My John:
"And shall not enter into it any vile thing, and that worketh abomination, and maketh a lie; but they which are written in the living book of the Lamb. "
(John's Revelation 21/27)
For MY HOLY SPIRIT blows in the center of MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH and excludes that which does not belong in THE NEW JERUSALEM! Only those who come to ME as unbelievers and repent of not having recognized ME so far and confess that they have now found ME in their hearts through this NEW BIBLE will find GRACE before ME and be able to be saved, that they may henceforth walk in MY LIGHT, as it says:
"And the Gentiles who are being saved walk in the same light. And the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it."
(John's Revelation 21/24)