God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 4 -


It was unimportant whether the walls of the old temple in Jerusalem collapsed outwardly; for this was only a matter of a short time anyway and also happened according to MY HOLY WILL; just as the covenant between ME, THE LORD, and My disobedient and unwilling people of Israel dissolved in the scattering of these unbelievers among all the nations of this earth.
THE NEW TEMPLE had been built by THE SACRIFICE OF LOVE and never again should a temple be built on earth according to the measure of the old temple! But people, in their still unpurified love, erected not only an old temple, but countless temples after the manner of the old one, whitewashed inside and out in MY HOLY NAME "JESUS", pouring MY HOLY TEACHING OF LOVE into new forms of rigid faith compulsion and blindly doing just the opposite of what MY HOLY WILL is and for which I, JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGATHA, bled to death on the cross!
So it could not fail to happen that MY TRUE TEMPLE on earth must be re-established according to MY HOLY WILL and the true SPIRIT OF GOLGATHA and MY ETERNAL LOVE must be proclaimed and realized anew!
But I first let epochs of blind human history pass until this present time on earth, so that all people of this earth become aware of what will be done if MY HOLY WILL is not followed to the smallest detail. And so this humanity must savor its misdeeds to the last, because it cannot be taught otherwise!
MY HOLY SACRIFICE OF GOLGATHA was not enough to lead My human children, who are by and large the same then as now, onto the purified true HOLY WAY OF LOVE! But MY ETERNAL LOVE knows no limit, said I THE LORD!
So I THE LORD condescended IN MY MERCY to let the HOLY REDEMPTION SACRIFICE OF GOLGATHA be followed by another SACRIFICE OF MY MERCY, which I THE LORD, however, already promised in My earthly walk as JESUS CHRIST, looking beyond and ahead of the sloth and lovelessness of people on a large scale: MY RETURN to this earth!
This NEW BIBLE OF MY MERCY is not only a HOLY TESTIMONY that I, GOD THE LORD, speak directly and immediately to you people of this earth in MY HOLY WORDS, to save you, but it is at the same time THE HOLY TESTIMONY for the already completed RETURN of YOUR GOD AND LORD, JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGATHA, according to the former promise!
You have heard in the first chapters of this NEW BIBLE what must be accomplished by you as the most natural basic requirement so that you can pass through THE HOLY GATE OF HEAVEN, WHICH I THE LORD HAVE SET IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE on this earth of redemption; but the small basic requirement is now followed by the greater basic requirement of ETERNAL LOVE for your redemption, which must be mastered by you children of men down to the smallest detail! Hear it now!