God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 7 -


The gathering of all high spirits and angels of My heavens now begins with this "BOOK OF LOVE" OF MY HOLY NEW BIBLE in MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH on this star of redemption in your time!
He who has ears to hear, let him recognize through this MY HOLY WORD what HOLY BATTLE OF THE SPIRIT is about to take place on your earth and let every soul beware of fighting on the wrong side! For MY HEAVENLY HOSTS will, according to MY HOLY WILL, also deal with the worst powers of darkness if they do not prefer to kneel before ME, THE LORD OF THE WORLD, to repent and ask for GRACE!
For if you could look down to the bottom of the "Dead Sea", where the sinful effects of Sodom and Gomorrah can still be seen today, you would shudder, and you would shudder even more if you could see all the connections from your present world history with the former flood of sin and look down to the bottom of that sea of the flood of sin that has been left behind! And the scales would fall from anyone's eyes as to what happens when people sin continuously and sin after sin piles up to form a sea of sin in whose floods sin itself then kills itself!
So it takes mighty shoulders to carry such and similar burdens of sin until their redemption and the nature of a rock to withstand the storms of sins! So I also say once again, whoever has ears to hear, let him recognize through this MY HOLY VOICE why in this greatest and most difficult time of redemption MY HOLY WORK OF SALVATION is only possible through the strong shoulders of the "woman of all women", who carries the heaviest burden of redemption, with the "ROCK OF THE LORD" and why I THE LORD have already revealed that "THE QUEEN OF LOVE" is also at the same time "the man of all men"! This will be revealed in all clarity when THE NEW JERUSALEM is ushered in on earth!
Until then, however, every willing soul who wants to stand on MY HOLY SIDE without wavering and without swaying, make every effort to kindle THE FIRE FROM MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT OF ETERNAL LOVE in the center of his own heart and to fan it into a never-ending, blazing HOLY FLAME, which burns up every remaining weakness of one's own and not only warms all other souls, but infects them, so to speak, to become the most burning, merciful and consuming LOVE themselves!
THE FIRE OF MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT consumes everything that is not perfect, that is not heavenly, that is not immaculately pure! That is why I AM THE LORD also THE ETERNAL FIRE OF MY PERFECT HOLY SPIRIT and must be eternal, because otherwise there would be no pure heavens in MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION!
Since MY CREATION is infinite and continues to be generated from eternity to eternity, you humans should be able to imagine that I AM IN MY PRIMORDIAL FIRE OF ETERNAL LOVE unimaginable for your earthly concepts and in this unimaginable for you as well as for most of My spirits and angels! Know that the radiance and the radiant power of your sun is not a light of its own, but a mirroring reflection from MY HOLY PRIMORDIAL CENTRAL LOVE FIRE and it is the same with all other, even greater suns of MY CREATION! But, more of that later!