God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1 -

Do penance for the poor sinners!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My child, I love you. You are one of Our children chosen to pass on Our messages. Accept your sacrifice and help Us.

Do penance for the poor sinners. They do not know what they are doing, especially against God, Our Father, and they do not have much time. You, My child, will be saved. We rejoice in your and your prayers. All children who pray to My Son, to Us, will be saved. We love you. Remain faithful to Us. Fulfill your desires in little things and leave the great, all great things to God the Father, the Most High.

You have been chosen, My child, to speak for Us. Your fear is well-founded in today's times, but you do well, all of you do well, to serve Us. You will be rewarded.

My child, you see how alone you already are. Most people do not believe in Us, in My Son. They do serious crimes and then justify them with God. This hurts Us and We suffer a lot from it. You, My child, give Us relief in Our suffering and at the same time great, exceeding joy. With you are many others. We love you with all Our heart and with the power and might of God, for only He is the true King (explanation: in your language).

It is no longer enough for you, the lost children, to have kings, but you "idolize" your "idols," which is a grave offense to God. There is only one God. This God is full of love, He is love itself, because He created everything, also you, My children, out of "nothing", and He has/had joy in you. Now He suffers because many of His children have become apostate and no longer know Him. It is not only the rejection, but also the not knowing, which again is a great offense on the part of those who have not passed on Him and His teachings and do not do so today.

Oh My children, if you knew how much mischief you are doing and how many graces, through repentance of yourselves or others, are needed to lead this mischief to salvation. You would not sin again, if you could see the torments of those who fell (and then "died") in disgrace before My Father (Jesus is there). Repent and confess Me, your Savior.

I love you. Your Jesus.

Our Lady: My child, pass this on. I love you, your Mother in heaven.