God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 100 -

Cold and without compassion for his neighbor.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My child. My dear child. Sit down with Me. I, your Mother in heaven have come.

My child. Times are not good. More and more people are losing their livelihood, the roof over their heads, cannot afford anything and are even suffering from hunger.

This is a bad condition that has befallen your world, and there is no one in your world who really wants to change this condition.

Everyone thinks only of themselves, is riddled with fear, "hopefully this won't happen to me," and keeps raking in more for themselves instead of helping those in need.

This is your civilized world of today, this is what it looks like WITHIN Europe, the cradle of social justice, which is neither socially just nor benevolent to its inhabitants, but where in all countries, in all positions that promise a bit of power, people's hearts have petrified.

Cold and without compassion for one's neighbor, whom one must take care of, but of whom one would rather know nothing, leaving him on the left, on the side of the road, away from the high-tech and glamorous society, striving for their greed but never satisfying it, they sin deeply against My Son, because My Son lives in each one of you and through each one of you - so it is already written in the Bible: what you do to your neighbor, you also do to Me(SPAN)*(/SPAN)- only you have cast Jesus out of your life, pushed Him away and buried Him, so that you no longer have to have a guilty conscience and now know how to justify your sins, and deeper and deeper you go, your soul, into the abyss and colder and colder you become to your fellow men and neither are you ashamed of your behavior, nor do you want to see how much suffering you cause.

You see only yourselves and the illusory world around you. The richest cry out how poor they are, and how right they are, because what is it but great, spiritual poverty that afflicts such a person, who cold-heartedly passes over his fellow men, exploits them, takes their houses, pays them badly or not at all, leaves them lying on the roadside and always wants more for himself, in order to then "brag" and "show off" to his so-called friends and to distance himself further and further from God and My Son, Jesus Christ, and thus digs his own grave: An eternity in hell, stewing hot in the company of Satan, who will then torment him with all that he did before to his brothers and sisters.

My children, if you do not repent in time and confess My Son, nothing good awaits you. Look further than just now. My Son is there and awaits you, each one of you with open arms. Take His hand, which He tenderly extends to you, and let yourselves be led into a world where love flows and peace reigns. Do not be foolish! Do not lose your chance for eternal life with My Son in Paradise.

Satan blinds you with this shine, this glamor, and with power and money. But who is really filled of you with love, peace and true happiness? With a joy that makes you embrace the world and with a confidence and hope that make your heart so big as you never thought possible? Who can say of himself that he is truly happy? Who has found the hold where nothing can bring him down?

My children, your solution to all your problems is ONLY My Son, your Jesus. He is the support that each of you needs, He is the love, the peace and the happiness. He gives you confidence and hope. And it is HE who widens your hearts and who comes to redeem you. Give Him your YES, My beloved children, and your life will become worth living!

So be it.

Your Mother in Heaven.

(SPAN)*(/SPAN)(SPAN) see Matthew's Gospel chapter 25, verses 40 and 45 (/SPAN)