God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1005 -

They are the poison that will slowly but purposefully bring you down!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My child. My dear child. Please say the following to the children of the earth today: Pray, My children, your prayer is of utmost importance.

So much evil is still planned by the one who seeks your corruption, and your prayer perseveres against all the evil plans! It is your rampart and your armor, therefore pray, beloved children, and do not let your prayer cease.

The devil and his followers do not sleep, and they do everything to steal as many more children (souls) as possible. Their satisfaction is in the suffering of others, and they (the devil worshippers) do everything to please their master, the prince of darkness. They will stop at NOTHING, My beloved children.

Therefore, My children, pray and protect yourselves and your loved ones! Pray for your brothers and sisters in the Lord and never let your prayer cease. Your guardian angel upholds your prayer if you lovingly ask him for it.

So pray, beloved children, for your prayer will keep away the worst evils, but you must pray so that the devil and his elite will be put in their "place", i.e. where there is prayer, the devil is powerless and will not be able to steal your soul!

But be on your guard, for the evil one is cunning, and soon he will cause you the greatest confusion ever.

Do not fall for his "emissaries", for they are the poison that will slowly but purposefully bring you down! Their lies will soon bitterly offend you, so do not SUCK them, but remain completely secure in Jesus.

He who is established in My Son, is established in HIM, and does not follow the masses, will not be lost to the adversary. Amen.

Be on your guard and pray, My children. The Holy Spirit will give you guidance and clarity, but you must pray to HIM daily. Amen.

I love you.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.