God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 102 -

He who lives with the heart will attain the Kingdom of Heaven.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My child. My dear child. Do not despair, all will be well. Pray and it will be given to you and yours. We, I, your beloved Mother in Heaven, and Jesus, My beloved Son, guide you and help you, together with all Our Holy Angels and Saints, so that you, My beloved children, may not suffer and may witness the miracles of My Son and His Almighty Father.

My child. All of you are unaware of the power of prayer, and there is no one among you whose faith is so strong that it could "move mountains". My children, the more you believe, put away your doubts and truly believe in Us, the more will be given to you.

Numerous are the miracles that My Son wants to give you, numerous those that HE has already accomplished. The children among you who really ask, who adore My Son, who give Him their loyalty and live with Him, on them He will perform His miracles.

Already in the Bible it is written that it is by faith that people were healed. Read the Bible, the Holy Book of God the Father, and learn to understand it. People believed in Jesus, and through their faith they were healed.

Believe, My children, believe! Through your faith and through your prayer, My Son can make all His miracles happen! Believe, trust and be good of heart, this is the way that brings you to Jesus.

The subject of faith is much more extensive than what I have tried to explain to you here. It is very extensive and very profound. The same goes for miracles, as it were. Never try to explain God and His mysteries with your mind. You must feel them, experience them in your heart, only then can you understand them. He who does not feel with his heart will never be able to understand the Divine Mysteries, because his mind is not enough to comprehend this omnipotence and greatness. Only his heart can. Therefore, whoever lives with the heart is close to God, but whoever lives only with the mind is still far from HIM.

Learn, My children, and understand. Only your heart will bring you to Us, to My Son. With the mind alone you will never be able to enter into the great mysteries of God. So open your heart and begin to love (again)! He who lives with the heart will attain the Kingdom of Heaven!

So be it.

Your loving Mother in Heaven.

Thank you, My child.