God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1020 -

"The souls/human children do not know what awaits them. Please tell them. Amen."

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My child. My dear child. Please write and listen to what I, your loving Mother in Heaven, want to say to the children of the world today: prepare yourselves and wait no longer, for when My Son comes you must be ready, and blessed is he who has prepared himself, for there is not much time left until that joyous day!

Those who have confessed Jesus will be saved. They will enter His New Kingdom, which was created by the Father full of love for Jesus' faithful children. Their soul will find rest and the long-awaited peace, and finally it will be happy and satisfied, full of love and joy, and NOTHING will cloud this bliss, this so wonderful, unique, everlasting fulfillment, because evil will be banished, and a thousand years there will be peace, and blessed is he who has prepared himself, for all those who have not given their YES to Jesus will be swept away into the depths of hell by the "floods" of the flames of fire, the wild raging "sea" of fire and brimstone, and woe to him, who has spurned Jesus, for he will suffer, suffer, suffer through the torments and chastisements that the devil will inflict upon him, and these will be greater, crueler and more painful than ANYTHING YOU KNOW FROM EARTH, for the devil will rage, raging with rage at his defeat, and this uncontrollable, aggressive and destructive rage he will take out on the lost souls to satisfy himself in their suffering, but he will never find satisfaction, and his tortures on these souls will be most cruel!

So find Jesus before it is too late for you, because when the day comes, you must be ready for Him.

Do not squander your eternity, but become worthy children of the Lord and Father. Their love for you is infinite, and until the last day Jesus will "fight" for you so that you will not be lost and may experience the glory of eternity.

So prepare yourselves, beloved children, and give your YES to Jesus! One YES is enough to take the first step. Amen. So be it.

I love you. Prepare yourselves. Amen.

Your Mother in heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.

Make this known, My child. It is very important. The souls/children of men do not know what awaits them. Please tell them. Amen. I thank you from the depths of My Mother's Heart that loves you so much. Go now. Amen.