God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 105 -

The more who turn away from evil, the fewer disasters will come upon your earth

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My child. My dear child. Sit down with Me. Listen to what I have to say: As soon as the Antichrist enters the world stage, and he will not be long in coming, much will worsen on your earth.

By the fact that the direct representative of the evil one has then "entered" the face of the earth, and will lie to you in the most devious way, cheat and deceive you, God the Father will not wait long to send purification to the earth, a purification that the history of mankind of the present time has not yet experienced, depending on the evil that is determined by the following of the evil one of you children or that can be stopped! I.e. the less children of God let themselves be blinded, the more turn away from evil and follow My son, Jesus Christ, the less disasters will come over your earth. This is what God the Father promises to His so beloved children in the hope that you will start and make your way to HIM, to His Son, because HE desires nothing more than to see all His children reunited and in love and in eternal peace with each other.

My children. This is a call to all Our children of God: Find the way back to God the Father.

Your Creator is waiting for you. He wants to know each one at home, with Himself, in the Kingdom of His Son, so that the great inheritance He has promised to all His children can be received by all His beloved creatures and each soul can "feast" in love, peace and perfect joy and be united eternally with His Creator, without pain, without suffering, without tribulation, and without doubt, where evil has no more power and where each one of His children is finally truly well.

So be ready, My dear children, and come back to God the Father. All of us, Heaven and I, your Mother in Heaven, are expecting and looking forward to you. So come to Us and await with joy My Son when He will come on the day of great joy from heaven high with all the signs to take each one of you to the newly created Jerusalem, so that you can all take your promised inheritance and peace will be your eternal companion.

My children. Do not fall for the lies of the Antichrist. Do not believe any of the empty words that he, the false prophet and all their followers spread. None of what they strive for is related to God. No. On the contrary, they spread the teachings of Satan, if one can speak of teachings, and use charm, attractiveness, rhetoric and all that just "empty" souls desire as bait to fall into their trap.

Wake up! Be strong! And come to Jesus! Whoever lives with My Son has nothing to fear.

So be it.

Your beloved Mother in Heaven. Mother of all the children of God.