God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 107 -

My Holy Spirit is sent to embrace as many children as possible.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My child. It is so wonderful to see with how much love and joy Our Word, Our Messages are received by Our so beloved children. The change in their hearts is great, and the understanding regarding God the Father and His ways, often incomprehensible to you, is deepening. A new, unprecedented clarity is unfolding in many of Our children, and the closeness to God the Father and to My Son is intensifying.

This is such a great joy for My Sacred Mother Heart, for nothing more beautiful can a mother desire for her children than the return of her beloved flock of children to the arms of their Creator, where they will be awaited and welcomed with the love, joy and in peace that their soul so ardently desires.

My children. The more you deepen your relationship with My Son, the sooner you will be truly well. You will have fulfilled souls and hearts, and none of you will fall into the power of evil. It is so wonderful to see that more and more of Our beloved children are taking the right path, becoming aware of the evil and confusing machinations that currently dominate your earth, turning away from all the evil and turning towards the divine path, into the arms of God the Father who so eagerly awaits them.

My children. Keep up the good work! Your prayers will be answered! Millions upon millions of God's children are finding their way back to God the Father, the Most High. The longing to the Creator multiplies more and more in the hearts of Our children, because My Son now ignites the divine light in all souls, thanks to your so devoted prayers and the acceptance of suffering for HIM, your Jesus.

All your sacrifices, the big ones and also the small ones, are for the salvation of souls that alone would not find the way to the Creator. Therefore, My children, My beloved children, keep praying! Then My Son can bring many more lost souls on the Divine path, and the number of those who will enter with HIM into the New Paradise will be great!

I thank you from the depths of My Mother's Heart and give My Motherly Blessing to each one of you.

Faithfulness to My Son is so important, and more and more of Our children have now realized this. I thank you.

United in love.

Your Mother in Heaven. Mother of all God's children.

Amen, I say this to you. My Holy Spirit is sent to embrace as many children as possible, to give them clarity and to ignite the Divine Flame in their hearts.

In this way, even in the darkest of souls, a new hope is kindled, so that it may recognize evil as such and turn away, and so that it too may return to God the Father, the Most High.

My beloved children, this is a long road, but it is (already) beginning to bear fruit. Even lost souls begin to have doubts, positive doubts, because they shake their lost "framework of life" and begin to think anew about their works. There lies the approach of conversion, therefore, My beloved children, keep praying for the lost souls, for now they have the chance to change their lives and find their way to God the Father.

Pray, pray, pray, so that on the day of great joy, when I come to you from heaven on high with all the signs, all brothers and sisters may enter into the New Jerusalem that My Father has created with great love for all His children.

So be it.

Your Jesus.