God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1073 -

... the taking over of the world domination!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Jesus: I will lift you all up, My faithful children. Believe and trust, for so it will be.

The New Kingdom will be given to you, beloved children, and My Father will watch over you. Believe and trust, for the promised time is at hand.

He who pretends to be from Me is not. He changes My word, he changes My teachings, and he is not sent by Me.

The one who is already here and is yet to come (publicly) will be worse than the one who is already here.

So be vigilant and do not follow those who are coming. They are up to no good. They cause confusion, spread false doctrines that lead you away from the path to Me and the Father.

So be warned, because they want your damnation, but not your salvation. They are sent by the devil, and to him they will go, taking many innocent children with them.

So be vigilant and be warned, for the time of your willed "enslavement" and damnation is drawing near.

Be warned, for the devil is initiating the takeover of world domination, and only your prayer can keep the worst from happening.

Come to Me, beloved children who love Me, and pray for your fellow brothers and sisters.

Fall into My Holy arms and pray, My children. Your prayer is the weapon given to you for defense in this battle of the end.

Use prayer, for it will bring you peace.

I love you. The time of My return is near. Believe and trust and do not be misled. Before I come, the Antichrist will show himself as an "angel of peace", let himself be celebrated and let you "elevate" him to who he is not. So be vigilant, for I come only at the end of times. Amen.

With love and devotion, your Jesus.

Son of the Almighty and Savior of the world. Amen.