God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1081 -

Like wolves in sheep's clothing, they steal your souls!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Oh, My child, there you are. Write, My daughter, for it is important that Our Word be heard.

Yes, I am sad. I am appalled at the state of your world, the delusion of Our so beloved children who do not recognize the truth and run after the one WHO WANTS THEM EVIL! You are blind to the truth, children of the earth, and follow the one who leads you to hell!

Like wolves in sheep's clothing they steal your souls, because you trust those WHO ARE NOT GOOD, cheer them, run after them in droves and in masses, and dismiss as trivial all the stupid talk, shameful deeds and unforgivable acts that these therefore-rans do, but you don't care, and you approve of the "modernization", no matter in what field it takes place, cheer you restrictive requirements and laws, and give to those, who in reality only hate and dislike you, more and more power, without even once looking further and recognizing the whole truth, how they lie to you, cheat you, show you OPENLY, on which side they actually stand, but you dismiss it as banal and trivial and talk to them after their mouth, because yours they have already smeared you with honey, and soon, already very soon, this will piss you off, when their true faces will show.

Children, then it is too late for you! Know the truth and do not give more power to those who do not love you! You are being lied to and manipulated and YOU ARE LETTING IT HAPPEN!

Children, you will be lost if you do not begin to repent, listen to Our Word and prepare yourselves. The end is at your door, so act now! Defend your Jesus, who loves you so much, and do not let His Word and teachings BE CHANGED!

Get up now, beloved children, otherwise it will be too late very soon. Cunningly they foist more and more of their evils upon you, and you stand there as if powerless BECAUSE YOU DON'T RISE!

Whoever does not stand up for his Jesus, whoever is lukewarm and pulls out with "I can't do anything anyway", to him be said: The lukewarm will perish, those who do not honestly love Jesus, also those who are not faithful to HIM, likewise.

So stand up for Jesus and pray! Every one of you can pray, day in and day out, in every free minute, while driving, while doing physical work, no matter where he is and no matter at what time. And if you cannot, for whatever reason, then ask your Holy Guardian Angel. This one will uphold your prayer.

So use prayer when you find yourselves powerless otherwise, and support those who do not flinch in word or deed to defend their Jesus in love, never by force. Amen.

Listen to Our Lady's messages and to the word of Jesus and the Lord Father in heaven, for it is given to you out of love, so that you will not be lost and will be prepared for the time that is and will come. Amen.

Your Bonaventure. Believe and trust. Amen.