God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1083 -

"Repent, My children, while the hour of mercy still strikes. Amen."

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sadly I look at your world and see the devil doing his mischief, deceiving you and lying to you.

You, My beloved children, do not see it, are blinded by appearances and deception and rely on earthly, worldly and thus transient things, instead of taking refuge in the holy arms of My Son, your Savior, who loves you so much, give HIM your love and renounce worldly things, for soon it -the world- will pass away, leaving behind your lost, your deceived soul, to which YOU have denied eternity in glory, because you have not listened to Our Word, but to all the lies of the devil, and because you have not prepared yourselves for the glory of the Lord, which you will attain, you would gather riches for eternity by the Lord's side, which no money can buy, no precious stones and no gold, because the riches of eternity are hidden in the virtues of the Lord, and only the one who has humility and love in his heart, lives them, to him will be given the glory in eternity at the side of the Lord and Father, and the only way there is My Son, your Jesus, therefore turn back, beloved children, and wait no longer, for the devil rages, and you let it happen, let yourselves be ensnared, dazzled and bought, but let it be said to you: Eternity will be cruel to anyone who surrenders to the devil, for the only way is My Son. Love and humility will lead you to HIM and to the Kingdom of Heaven, but not self-love, self-advantage and piling up money, gold and other goods. Amen.

Be warned, for he who sells himself to the devil will soon be lost. His awakening will be cruel, as will his eternity, and there will be no turning back for him unless he repents now, in the hour of mercy. Amen.

I love you. Let yourselves be embraced.

Your Mother of Fatima, who loves you so much. Amen.