God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1091 -

The lack of time is a great dilemma of your present time!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My child. Sit with Me and listen, because it is important what I have to communicate to your world -you-: You must become like children and have time for your families again.

You are stressed, racing through the day and forgetting what is essential. You want to have "everything", you want that your children lack nothing, but you do not see that this "lack" with you is about material things and you forget again the essential!

Spend time with your family! Have time for your children! Be there for them and do not overwhelm them with material things! Give them your time, your understanding, be THERE for them! And shower them with your love, because a person -and especially a child- can never have enough of love!

The essential things are important, My (great) children, not the material ones! As long as you do not lack food, clothing and housing, you have everything you need to be happy in your families!

You educate your children to materialism, that is, you put the material in the foreground. At the same time a child longs for your love, for your nearness, for your understanding and for your time!

So spend time with your little ones and don't rush through your life! Every child is happier in the bosom of the family than left alone in the room with computer and phone games. A child doesn't need money to be happy, it needs love, closeness, warmth: you!

So leave your hustle and bustle and more work and more goods and be there for your little ones and family! Teach them about Jesus, the Holy Family, love of neighbor, love of one another by spending time with them. Most of your relationships break down because you lack this time together.

The lack of time is a great dilemma of your time today, so renounce earthly wealth and live the virtues of the Lord! Be there for each other and do not rush. A life in love and with time for family, friends, neighbors - for your neighbor - will make you happier than all the money in the world! No earthly goods will be able to give you so much/this joy!

So stop rushing and do without so many earthly goods! Be there for the people who need you and educate your children in love and not in materialism! Your time is more important than every oh so great game (of the computer generation)!

So be there for those who love you, who need you, who want to spend time with you! Don't destroy your families, your friendships and relationships by: "I don't have time!" A child won't understand that, a partner won't understand that either, and the neighbor will look for and invite other neighbors, and your friends won't count on you anymore: "She/he doesn't have time anyway" and will look for other friends.

So now stop rushing and spend your time with those who fill your heart, give you love and make you happy, if only you let them. Amen.

I love you. With sorrowful eyes I see how your world is. Have time especially for your little ones, for they need your unconditional love, and lack of time and rushing always lead to strife and sadness in the end.

So take to heart what I tell you and begin (again) to have time for each other. Especially shining children's eyes will be your immediate reward, but also the smiles of those who like you and their joy they will show you. Amen.

Go in peace.

Your Saint Josep de Calaçenc. Amen.

In heaven I pray for you and especially for your children. They are the heart of your world, tender and pure. Do not spoil them. Amen.