God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1128 -


Thursday, March 24, 2016

My child. My dear child. You have come. Thank you, My daughter.

My child. Listen and write what I, your loving Mother in Heaven, have to say today to you and to the children of the world: Confusion is great in your world today, and evil is overtaking you, beloved children, and the world in which you live, unstoppable as it seems, yet, beloved children of My Heart, the greatest evil is held back by the prayer of all of you, which powerfully stops and restrains the evil one and makes it its planned, and it will not come to its planned, for you catastrophic and cruel, freedom-stealing, torturing, all-controlling plan implementation, as long as you continue to pray, in love and confidence, in hope and in trust, and always in the intentions that We have asked you for in these messages, and also others: in the intentions of My Son Jesus who will come to lift you up, and that time is near.

Get ready, My children, BE ready, because Jesus will come to redeem you from this destructive world, and 1000 years of peace will be given to you who faithfully and devotedly follow Him, your Jesus.

Be ready, My children, and carry your "faults" to confession. The Holy Sacrament of Confession washes you clean of sin and missteps and makes you appear in a pure dress. But you must repent, beloved children, and atone for your sins.

So get ready for the great day, for it is near, and no child who is faithful will perish, but the hypocrites will perish, when mercy will give way to justice, and the wolves in sheep's clothing, the pagans and Satanists, the unbelievers and the wicked will be judged.

But you who are sincere and faithful to Jesus, who have prepared yourselves and washed yourselves clean, will experience no suffering. You will be given peace and a glory that does not exist in this world.

So keep praying, beloved children of My Heart, and be ready. Rejoice, for your joy will be exceeding great when Jesus comes and lifts you up.

Be warned, My children, for the worst is yet to come, but your prayer keeps away the worst. So continue to pray fervently and in love, be faithful and trust! Jesus will come to lift you up, but He will send His warning first.

So be ready at all times and never despair. The evil one has brought and is bringing the greatest confusion in your world and among you, he is spreading covetousness, doubt, fear and greed. So remain in humility and always in prayer and ask for Our help.

God the Father grants you the greatest graces when We, the saints in heaven, intercede for you at His throne. So use Our help, for it is a wonderful gift to you.

Remain faithful to Jesus and seek out your Holy Confession.

Receive the Lord in purity and faith and strengthen yourselves through intimate prayer.

Pray always in the intentions of Jesus and at the times that We named for you. It is important to keep these times, for the evil one also uses them for his nefarious purposes. Amen. And persevere. Amen.

Your mother in heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.

Make this known as soon as possible. Recall the novena for the Feast of Mercy, a preparation that every believing child should take advantage of. Amen. Go now. Amen.