God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 113 -

Those who do not believe in the end times will not prepare, and that is a huge mistake!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My child. My Maternal Blessing is assured to all those who profess My Son, Jesus Christ, honor Him and are faithful to Him. Many of Our children are now on the right path, and their hearts are beginning to "blossom." That is, they are becoming aware of a love that was not noticeable to them before. This is a wonderful change for Our children, because in this way they come closer and closer to My beloved Son.

The closer a soul, a heart finds to Jesus, the stronger it becomes in the struggle against evil. First, this wonderful love unfolds in the heart. This opens the way to Jesus and His Father, God the Most High. Then this love deepens, and the way to My Son extends to this soul. Once on the way to Him, to your Jesus, the soul begins to consolidate more and more in the "Divinity", the Divine Way, and thus withstands more and more the attacks of Satan. Then, on this path, the soul approaches Jesus and God the Father to the extent that it can begin to fight against that and the evil one, to really compete and defend God in all His glory.

These are the many stations on the Divine Path, which serve to immerse oneself more and more in the mysteries of God, to learn to understand them, and to become strong and consolidated in recognizing evil, in withstanding it, and in fighting it powerfully with the "weapons of God."

My children. There is no path more beautiful than the path to My Holy Son and to His Most Holy Father, who is the Father of us all. Whoever has once begun this path, has really begun, will never leave HIM.

Nothing compares, nothing is so rich in gifts, as this path to God. Nowhere else will you find such love, joy and bliss. Once tasted of the Divine Glory, the soul will always continue to strive towards Him, for nothing else will then fulfill it. It realizes all at once what it was born for, created by God the Father, and that nothing but HIM can make it happy.

This is a long way for Our beloved children to go, but since it is so full of graces, littered with Divine gifts, it is easy to go. What is difficult for you is the "leap" from matter to spiritual life. This does not mean that you then live only in the spirit. No! You live a combination of matter and spirituality, a togetherness in harmony.

This is what is so difficult for Our children, but at the same time it is what will fulfill you. The togetherness, the connection God and the world, that is what must be connected. Not either one or the other. No. It is a world (matter) that must live with God (spiritual) in order to be fulfilled.

God, Our Father, Creator of All of Us, created a wonderful world that His children, whom He created in His image, knew how to destroy more and more. Again and again they (His children) went too far, again and again God the Father sent them "admonitions". But the sorry game of sin, apostasy from the faith and slander of God, Our Father, has been repeated again and again until today.

Not one catastrophe has awakened His children, not one of His prophets has been believed. The majority of mankind has and still denies God the Father and His Holy Son today. Today's catastrophes are not seen as warnings, today's seer children are "made small" and "smashed against the wall", because they are not believed. If you do not wake up and realize what is happening around you, you will "perish" as it happened before to all non-believers!

Wake up! Read the book of God! There everything is written, from the beginning to the end, which you live today! If you do not believe in the end times, you will not prepare, and that is a huge mistake! You are blind, you want to be, in order not to have to change yourselves and your "worthless" life - and it is you who have made it worthless, because you have banished God from your life! - not to have to change.

Don't you see where this is taking you? How can you be so comfortable, lazy and undiscerning? Whoever does not believe in God the Father, whoever does not follow My Son, will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. And when the earth merges with heaven, those of you who have not found your way to My Son will already suffer in the lake of fire.

Do not deprive yourselves of the chance of this wonderful inheritance! A life in eternal "divinity", i.e. with Jesus, your Creator, all saints and angels in peace, love and glory! There is no more evil, no more suffering, no more torment. You will finally be fine, and you don't have to worry about anything, because God personally cares for you!

So wake up and move to Jesus! So many helps we give you! So many graces we give in this time! Accept them, all the helps and graces and never be afraid! Jesus is there and takes care of you! He delivers you from all evil and leads you NOW into a better life! Believe in HIM! Trust in HIM!

"Jesus, I trust in You!" This MUST become your motto. In this way you will come closer and closer to My Son. A sentence you can always repeat, no matter when and where you are. "JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU!" So often, so long you can send this sentence, this impulse prayer to heaven, until this trust comes all by itself.

Try it out! It will work. So be it.

Your loving Mother in heaven. Mother of all God's children.

Thank you, My child.

"My children. I, your Jesus, ask each one of you to give Me your trust. In this way I can work miracles in you. Miracles that you yourselves will notice around you. So be it.

Your Jesus.

Savior of all God's children." "Amen, I say this to you: Whoever trusts in Me, whoever gives Me his love, whoever honors Me, and whoever is faithful to Me, I will never leave him again.

I love you.

Your Jesus."

113a. The request of Jesus and Mary - 04/24/2013 My child. My dear child. Spread Our messages in a book so that they can be made available to as many people as possible.

Now the time has come for Our Word to be given also to those people who do not have Internet access, nor any other access to Our Messages.

Thank you, My child, My beloved daughter.

We love you very much, thank you for writing for Us.

Your Mother in Heaven and your ever loving Jesus.