God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1175 -

Graces of Mercy. This day will be special!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My child. My dear child. Thank you for coming also today and thus responding to My call.

My daughter. It is important that you write.

My child. Please listen to what I, your loving Mother in Heaven, and Jesus, My Son who loves you and you so much, have to say today to the children of the world and to you: The light of your world is darkening, for the devil lusts "one last time." This does not mean that he will then leave you alone, but it does mean that he is bringing his diabolical plans and customs ALWAYS MORE UNDER THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD, and he is using for this purpose the highest leaders, including those of the Catholic Church, in order to reach his goals, so that NONE OF YOU MAY LIVE ETERNALLY, and you will fall, lost and blinded, into his hellish kingdom, so that your soul will be lost eternally, and he can torment you, also eternally.

My children. My so beloved children. You must trust in Jesus, because ONLY HE IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, AND ONLY HE CAN LEAD YOU INTO ETERNITY. HE alone is the light and the way, therefore believe in HIM and trust in HIM so that you will not be lost and fall into the devil's trap!

My children. My children so loved by Me. I, your Jesus, will come and I will take with Me everyone who trusts in Me.

Hold on, My faithful children, because the time is near.

I love you. Do not allow the devil to ensnare you. Stay alert and pray a lot. Pray for all faithful Christians and for repentance of those who are apostate, lost or ignorant.

My love for you is great, for each one of you, and I will not stop loving you, no matter what sin you may have committed. But you must repent and find your way to Me so that I can forgive you through the Holy Sacrament of Confession and your repentance.

Come to Me, beloved children, and trust in Me, for My miracles I will perform on those for whom you pray and on those who trust in Me.

Say it, My daughter, to the children of the world: Turn back, get ready, for My mercy is great, and the floodgates of heavenly graces are opened for those who are ready to receive them.

Pray, My children, and trust in Me, for I, your Jesus, am merciful, and on the Feast of Mercy My graces are sent over the whole world.

Rejoice, My children, for this day will be special. Amen.

I love you.

Your Jesus, with Mary, your Mother in Heaven. Amen.

Point out to the children the Mercy Rosary (prayer), for it holds special graces at this time.

"Pray the (SPAN)Novena(/SPAN)(SPAN)"(/SPAN), My children, for it relieves My Son's suffering and asks for graces for the whole world. Amen.

These days are Holy, and holy you shall observe them. (Preparation and Feast of Mercy). Amen.

Seek out the Holy Sacrament of Confession during these days and repent, My children. The graces now are especially great. Amen."