God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 118 -

The keys will now be handed over soon

Sunday, April 28, 2013

My child. My dear child. My Son, Jesus Christ, desires that many more souls be saved, for HE does not want to lose one of His so beloved creatures to the Adversary.

Therefore, I call you to continue to offer your sacrifices, in prayer, in acceptance of suffering and all the other good works that you give to My Son, so that His desire to take each one of His children with Him into His New Kingdom can be fulfilled and He can enter with you and all the other children of this earth into the New Jerusalem promised to all of you, which God the Father, Our Father in Heaven, has created and prepared with such love for each one of His children.

The keys to this will now soon be handed over by God the Father, the Most High, to His Most Holy Son, your Jesus, and only those who give their allegiance to HIM, Jesus, worship HIM, hand over their trust and love to HIM, will be taken along into this wonderful New Kingdom, the home of peace, love and bliss.

Confess now to My beloved Son, and the Kingdom of Heaven will be open to you. But if you turn away and turn your back on Jesus, your Savior, instead of reaching out to HIM body and soul, damnation will become your legacy.

Wake up, then! Run to My Son and enter with Him into the New Paradise, when at the end of all days He, your Jesus, will come to you from heaven high with all the signs, will conquer the evil, to take you with Him into His Kingdom.

Love HIM! Trust in Him! And you also be always there for Him! In this way your life will be transformed into great joy and fulfillment, and you may already taste the glory of heaven.

Come all of you, My dear children, come to Me, your Mother in Heaven! I will lead you through the remaining days and to My Son, directly into His Holy Arms, so that not one of you will be lost!

Come, dear children, come! There is great joy in Heaven for everyone who finds his way to My Son!

We pray unitedly and in perfect intimacy for the salvation of all Our children.

In deep love I cover you with My maternal blessing!

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children.

Thank you, My child. Thank you, My daughter. (SPAN)(Jesus smiles) (/SPAN)