God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1197 -

The veils of the fog of confusion and deception!

Monday, April 16, 2018

My child. My dear child. The situation is serious in your world. You must pray a lot for peace in your countries, because the evil one is stirring up hatred among the children of God, and you must pray so that it does not escalate!

Pray, My children, pray and trust in Me, in your Jesus. Everyone who has truly turned to Me, loves Me and defends Me, will experience strengthening in adversity and perseverance in suffering.

Always pray and ask Me for strengthening and perseverance and remain faithful to Me, beloved children that you are. My Second Coming is near, but still so many children do not know Me. Therefore, pray that the whole world may be converted, and that the Father may remove from you the veils of the fog of confusion and deceit!

The devil is on his last legs and he thinks he has already reached his goal, but, My beloved children, he will not be able to impose his goal if you pray and always ask Me, your Jesus, for mercy for the world.

So persevere in prayer, beloved children that you are, offering Me your sufferings, your distress, your sickness, your SINS always and always. In this way I will show mercy before justice and snatch souls from the devil even in the last second!

Never be afraid, My children, for the Father rewards those of you who are faithful and devoted to Me, His Holy Son.

Always ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, so that you may remain clear and pure in spirit.

I love you very much. Remain faithful to Me and resist all temptations, which are now increasing.

The "morality" in your world is a false lie, orchestrated and hypocritical by the devil. Everything is "twisted" so that especially your poor children are no longer able to distinguish right from wrong.

Your Christian values are being twisted into the opposite from the highest authority, and if you do not hold on to the true faith, disregard My word and push it aside and listen to those who run away, you too will no longer be able to distinguish between good and evil, because in your society evil has become the norm, and the one who is good already stands as an "outsider" in the society of your so twisted world!

My children. The Earth's axis has been tilted, and the change of weather that results from it is visible. Of course, you are being "fooled" about climate change by the "higher-ups" who control your media, so that you don't realize the truth and the related magnitude of your situation.

Lies are sold to you as the truth, and a lot of money is made by the powers-that-be and corporate CEOs to blame everything on "homemade" global warming. The business is very lucrative, and more and more "things" are imposed on Our children, and the citizen pays and pays and pays.

When you look at how easy it would be -and how inexpensive- to use natural resources, like solar energy, you should also at the same time question why these things are not promoted, even boycotted by the state and its lobbyists in so many countries of your earth.

Your world suffers from the hidden rulers, and the rulers you know from the media world are puppets who are moved as it suits the "elite"-which you do not know.

So do not seek justice in your world, which is contaminated through and through and more and more by the devil and his henchmen, but pray, My children, pray!

Your prayer is the power that is able to change everything! It is the power that makes you persevere! It is the weapon against all the evil that is in your world!

Pray, My children, and remain faithful to Me.

I love you very much. Hold on!

Your Jesus, with Mary, your Mother in Heaven. Amen.