God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 120 -

Come to Us, all the children of the earth!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My child. My dear child. Do not despair. Everything will be fine. As soon as My Holy Son descends from Heaven - and this will happen soon now - HE will deliver you, His beloved followers and His faithful servants, those who are pure in heart and those who have given HIM your YES, from the machinations of the evil one and take you to His Glorious Kingdom, which has been prepared for all the children of God who have professed HIM and God the Father before and on the day of this great joy, with perfect love by God the Father, your Father who loves you so much, so that you may receive the inheritance of long-awaited peace, perfect love and true joy and bliss.

My children. My so beloved children. Look forward to that day, which will now come very soon, and persevere and stand firm so that evil cannot harm you, for the devil's plans are terrifying, terrible and disgusting. But he will not be able to bring them to an end, because God the Father stands ready with His Divine Army, ready for the last of all battles against that and the evil one, ready to cut off all those who do not convert in time, from His faithful and loving children, to leave them to the evil one, who will drag them with him into the lake of fire, where God the Father will push him in with His Army.

Wake up, then, My beloved children, and prepare yourselves. Only the one who believes in Jesus, follows HIM, trusts HIM, gives HIS faithfulness to HIM, surrenders himself to HIM and worships HIM, will attain Eternal Life in peace and with Jesus.

Whoever does not repent, does not turn away from evil, does not free himself from the clutches of evil - this, My beloved children, We, Heaven, take over for you as soon as you give your YES to Jesus - will not experience this glory.

Therefore, come to Us, ALL CHILDREN OF THE EARTH, and We promise that not one of you will be lost, no matter what religion he belongs to, what skin color he has, what sins he has committed, because before Jesus and God the Father all children are equal. Everyone is a child of God and everyone is loved. Every child, every man and woman living on earth today, they want to redeem and save their souls, so that all children of God can finally live united in peace and love and unspeakable great joy with each other in the newly created Jerusalem, under the reign of Jesus Christ, who gave His life 2000 years ago, in order to redeem all children of God - and this means each and every one of you, no matter what race, skin color or creed you have - and grant you entrance into His Kingdom of Heaven.

Accept, all of you, His greatest sacrifice of all - His crucifixion - and convert to HIM, your brother Jesus who loves you from the depths of His Sacred Heart, and enter with HIM into His New Kingdom to live the peace for which your souls long so much.

So be it.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all the children of God.

Call of Our Lady, Jesus and God the Father: My child. Our messages must go around the world and be made available to each of Our children.

We call you to spread Our Word, these messages, in all languages, because time is pressing and all Our children We want to reach.

Thank you, My beloved children.

Your Mother in Heaven with Jesus and God the Father.

"The army of God is ready.

Prepare your hearts too, so that We may recognize you and save you.

The seal of the Living God is the sign you must bear.(SPAN)*(/SPAN) With this you will not perish.

Your Holy Archangel Michael.

Leader of the Divine Hosts."

(SPAN)* (/SPAN)(SPAN)Note:(/SPAN)(SPAN) The original message on the "Seal of the Living God" is published in the "Book of Truth", which can be obtained from the Internet website http://www.dasbuchderwahrheit.de, among others. From this Internet site the "Seal of the Living God" can also be downloaded (/SPAN).