God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1207 -

Act unselfishly!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

My child. My sufferings in this your time are great, enormous, and I suffer greatly, My child, My daughter. The apostasy, the 'trampling' of My memorial, the ridicule, the desecrations.... My child, the list is long, but most of all, My daughter, beloved daughter that you are, is the lukewarmness of those who know Me and do not honor Me, who know Me and -with hearts devoured by the devil- despise Me.

My child. My sadness is great when I see the misery of this world. I rejoice over every soul who sticks to Me, to her Jesus, and over those who find their way to Me, over those who pray in My intentions, and over every soul who is not concerned in everything for her own advantage, for, My beloved children you are: Whoever acts, prays, thinks and implements selfishly, ego-thinking, self-centered, intent on his advantage, will not be granted the fruits of paradise. He will go out empty-handed, and his lamentation will be great when he realizes what he has done wrong.

So do not be selfish, but honor Me and love your neighbor. You do not have to renounce My love, My doing, My care for and about you, My children! I, your Jesus, will lay paradise at the feet of everyone who does not act selfishly! I will take care of him, and I will give him abundant gifts in the here, in the now and in eternity!

So see how My mercyand My care for you work: The more you dofor Me, for your Jesusand truly loveyour neighbor, that is. neither exploit him nor leave him in need, but deal with him as I, your Jesus, deal with you, the more will be given to you, the greater the graces and miracles in your life, the greater your merits for the New Kingdom and eternity. Amen.

I love you very much, beloved children that you are. Act unselfishly, that is, not looking for your advantage, but in love for Me and for your neighbor. Amen.

Do not let yourselves be taken advantage of, My beloved children, and learn to discern: Where there is love, I am omnipresent. But where hatred, envy, fornication and evil prevail, there the devil has settled. So pray there and for those who need, your prayer so urgentlyand pray also for yourselves and your loved ones. I, your Jesus, hear you, and I, your Jesus, make miracles happen where it seems hopeless and unchangeable.

So use prayer, My beloved children that you are, and pray for each other, with each other, in My and the Mother's intentions. Pray for the shortening of the time of the end to the Father in Heaven and for mitigation: the more you pray, the milder the end will come upon you, the more you pray, the more miracles the Father makes happen through Me, your Jesus.

I love you very much, pray, My children, pray.

Your Jesus, Who I Am.

Savior of all God's children and Savior of the world. Amen.