God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 121 -

The time has now come for the last of all battles to be fought. Prepare your souls

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My child. My dear child. Sit down with Me. Everything We tell Our children in these messages is very important for the salvation of their souls.

No child of yours is ready to free himself alone from sin, temptations and evils that are yet to come to the world, your world. You must turn to Us, to My Holy Son, because HE - and only HE - is the Redeemer of all the children of this world.

For this, HE came into the world 2000 years ago as My Son for the redemption of all God's children who would ever live on earth. HE, the holiest of your brothers, the only begotten Son of God, your Jesus, through HIS suffering, HIS perfect surrender to God, which ended with the physical death on the cross, took away from you every burden of sin, i.e. through HIM and only through HIM you have all become worthy to enter into the Divine Kingdom of Heaven, provided you keep the guidelines that God the Father gave you through His prophets and that are written in the most Holy of all books, the Holy Bible, which HE gave you and which you are given today by Us, your Mother in Heaven, Jesus, God the Father, the Holy Angels and the Saints in these messages.

The way "home" is so simple. It is easy to walk and full of small and great joys, and at every stop Heavenly Helpers are waiting for you to "carry" everyday burdens and bring you a little closer to God the Father every day. If you could see how many holy angels and saints God the Father has sent to show you the way home, you would cry for joy, for "overwhelming", for love, because the love of God the Father would become clear to you all at once and your life would get a new content, a new, real meaning for eternity.

Believe in Us! Give your hand to Jesus! And gloriously all Our children will unite in love to live together with God the Eternal Life in peace, when on the day of great joy My Son will appear on the horizon to take you to the New Jerusalem, the Paradise, His Kingdom.

So be it.

Your heartily loving Mother in Heaven.

My Motherly Blessing I give you, for I am the Mother of all God's children.

Amen, I say this to you: Times are changing and My brothers and sisters do not have much time left. All of you must prepare your hearts for Me, your beloved Jesus, Savior of all God's children, because only then can I take you on the day of great joy in My Kingdom created by God the Father, your Creator who loves you so much, so that all of you can come home to live in peace and love and with all His Divine Glories.

I love each one of you.

Your Jesus.

"The time has now come for the last of all battles to be fought. Prepare your souls. Repent and be good to one another. Only in this way will you become worthy to enter the gates of heaven. Only in this way will you be taken by Jesus Christ, My Divine Son, to enter the New Jerusalem.

Your God Father in Heaven.

Creator of all children."

"Listen and believe: Only those who bear the seal will come through the difficult times unscathed. Jesus and Saint Michael the Archangel." (SPAN) (/SPAN)


"The time of battle to destroy evil is dawning. Turn to Jesus, your Savior, or you will be lost.

Your Holy Archangel Michael. "