God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1227 -

It is up to YOU!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

My child. Difficult times are dawning. Much is still being kept from you. 5G technology is currently advancing EVERYWHERE, WORLDWIDE, and it will bring you greatest doom! Children, do NOT embrace this technology! Heaven warns you (!), My children, I, your Mother in Heaven, warn you against it.

My child. Tell the children of the earth that the truths are being twisted. Already for a long time, very long time, ONLY partial truths are offered to you, reported by media and reports of all kinds. Much is concealed from you, because this is how the henchmen of the devil work: They lie and cheat and pack everything into partial truths, sell you everything as good and beautiful and 'innovative', but they conceal from you their true goal, they conceal from you dangers, they conceal from you their goal of human reduction -and here ALL means are right for them(! )-, they conceal their intentions from you, and that they want to make you ALL slaves, you, who are 'strong' but stupid enough to survive their reduction methods without recognizing, what evil and inhuman game they are playing with you!

Children, wake up! You must rise up! You must stand up and raise your voice! You must stand up against them! And you must pray, pray, pray! Only in prayer will you find the strength and clarity that you have lost, My children! So pray to the Holy Spirit, and pray to Jesus! Heaven (united) is ready for you, but you must pray and ask Us, so that We can HELP YOU and your world affairs!

Do not bury your head in the sand, like the ostrich, but DO SOMETHING! It is in YOUR hand to let you be overrun by all the evil plans or TO FIGHT AGAINST THEM!

And nothing is more powerful than your prayer! Nothing is more powerful than the help of Us, My children! But you obtain it only through prayer, through devotion, through trust in My Son! Say YES to HIM, to your Jesus, and surrender to HIM completely, otherwise you will soon be lost and be an easy meal, easy prey for the devil and his henchmen.

Stand up, beloved children that you are and DO SOMETHING. That is all I can tell you today.

Implement what We tell you in these and other messages. The end is near, so near, and so many of Our children just keep sleeping away.

I love you. My Son loves you. None of Our children We want to see lost, so wake up! Get up! Do something! And fight! YOUR prayer is the strongest weapon you have, beloved children. Only prayer changes, so pray! Amen.