God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1234 -

Free will!

Saturday, March 7, 2020

My child. My dear child. My beloved daughter. Yes, it is true. The apostasy on your earth, in your world, is taking more and more rapid forms, and I, your Jesus, am suffering greatly. I love you so much, beloved children that you are, but I need your YES to be able to WORK in you and in your world (around you)!

My Father, God, the Most High, who is also your Father, endowed you with free will, and this will is always respected by Me, by the Father and by the Holy Spirit. So you are responsible yourselves, and without your consent, WHICH MUST COME FROM THE HEART, sincerely, intimately, imploringly with so many of you, I cannot prepare you. An unprepared soul will be lost, beloved children that you are, because she has NOT chosen Me, her Jesus. Gladly I would save it, but for that I need your YES!

A YES, sincerely spoken, is enough, and I hurry to help you!

A YES, addressed to Me, your Jesus, in love, is enough, My children.

A YES, spoken in hope, in trust, to Me, to your Jesus, is enough to work in and around you, My children.

One YES, pleadingly spoken, CALLED to Me, to your Jesus, is enough for Me to save you in greatest distress of soul, in greatest confusion and straying!

So give Me your YES and then, when you have given it to Me in love and sincerity, let yourselves fall, My children. Let yourselves fall into Me, into My Holy Arms, and surrender EVERYTHING to Me, your Jesus!

I care for you, but you must let go, My children, and trust in Me, in your Jesus! Give yourselves completely to Me, because a soul, a person, who lives in perfect devotion to Me, to Me, will lack nothing. But never hope for earthly riches, because I, your Jesus, endow you with more than earthly riches can give you. I, your Jesus, give you so much more than earthly goods can give you. I, your Jesus, work in you and gift you with riches of eternity, for My riches are not of this world, yet greater, more beautiful and more glorious than anything this world can give you, can offer you.

So turn back, beloved children, and give Me, your Jesus, your YES. I will hear you, and I will be there for you, and your life here on earth will be accompanied by Me, your Jesus.

So turn back, beloved children that you are, and give Me your YES. Only in this way will I lead you to eternity, an eternity full of joy and riches, which only an open, loving heart, soul can attain. Amen.

Come to Me, My beloved children that you are, to your Jesus who loves you so much and is waiting for you. Come to Me before it is too late. Amen.

One YES is enough to change your life. One YES to be gifted by Me, by your Jesus. Amen.

Your Jesus, who I Am and always will be. With the Holy Spirit and God, the Most High. Amen.