God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1235 -

Do not close your churches!

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Where is your faith?

My child. My dear child. Please tell the children to pray.

Without prayer, your world will be lost. Without prayer, you will not be able to expect help from Jesus, My Most Holy Son, and God, the Most High. Without prayer, beloved children that you are, you will always experience the chastening hand of the Father. Without prayer, your world, and you with it, will be lost.

My children. My so beloved children. Wake up, and face the reality of your world.

What has globalization brought you? What does it bring you, except more misery for the poor? What has tolerance brought you? And what does it bring you today? Look around you and realize where you already are, beloved children that you are. Look around you and recognize!

Your world, your life, has long been against the 'laws' that God the Father has given you! HE is a loving Father, and so much HE loves each and every one of you, but look what you have done!

Look how the world, and your governments in particular, are 'working' against the will of the Father! Look what murderous and immoral laws have been enacted and are still being enacted! Children, if you believe to enter the Kingdom of Heaven in this way, let the following be said to you:

Whoever does not honor the commandments of the Father, whoever goes against them, and considers them void and irrelevant, WHO DOES NOT LIVE BY THEM (!), must not hope for salvation through My Son! Whoever thinks he must put his free will above that of God, let him also be told:

Do not hope in Me, in your Jesus, because he who does not honor the Father, My Father and his heavenly Father, he who murders -and also abortion is murder !-, who lives against nature, who gives free rein to his urges, and who believes more in himself than in the Father, will not be saved by Me, by his Jesus!

You must repent, beloved children that you are, and recognize, confess and repent of your sins! Begin, otherwise very soon it will be too late for you, and hope in Me, in your Jesus, because if you recognize and give Me your YES, I will rush to your help, but you must ask Me for it in deep, sincere prayer!

Give Me your YES, beloved children that you are, your honest, sincere, heartfelt YES, so that I can work in you, and save you from ruin. But hurry, My children, hurry, because everything will come blow by blow, and whoever is not with Me, with his Jesus, it will be truly difficult for him.

I love you very much! Turn back and come to Me, to your Jesus. Amen.

My child. My Son speaks the true word.

You must not continue to insist on your rights against nature! You must keep the Father's commandments, otherwise you will be lost. We told you that everything will happen one stroke at a time. Now look around you, beloved children that you are.

And use the time that remains to you, and pray, My children, pray! Pray with your children, and do not close your churches!

Where is only your faith, beloved children that you are? Where is only your faith? See how great the apostasy already is, and see how even the Holy Church of My Son is affected by it, by the great apostasy of your present time.

I love you very much, beloved children that you are. Use the time for prayer. Amen.

Your Mother in Heaven. Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation with Jesus, My Son who loves you so much and suffers so much. Amen.

Only HE is your Redeemer. Only through HIM will you attain the Kingdom of Heaven. So turn back and pray and pray and pray. Only in this way will the worst be held back. Only through the prayers of all of you. Amen.