God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1243 -

The taking over of your world affairs!

Monday, March 23, 2020

The Jesulein of Prague:

You must repent and pray, My children, otherwise your world condition will not improve.

Many abominations are still planned, and only through repentance and deep, heartfelt prayer to Me, to your Jesus, and to the Father in Heaven, who loves you so much, will you experience relief.

You do not know it, you do not see it, but I tell you: Your world is in the final battle, that is, the takeover of your world affairs by the one who is apostate to Me, who has become apostate to My Father in Heaven, is realizing itself more than ever. That is, you are being made more manipulable than ever, more controlled, and more opinionated.

The lie is sold to you as truth, the so-called mainstream is nothing else, than an evil plan of the and the evil ones, in order to push through their goals -with your consent(!)-, i.e. you literally cry out for it, because your opinion is so influenced, you are manipulated, and so many of you do not see it!

Children, you are running into the arms of the devil and his elite, full of joy and relief you keep on hoping for the 'help of the evil one', without realizing it, and you put yourselves into the totalitarian control and power over each one of you!

Children, wake up! Believe in what We have told you and live according to it! The next thing that will come if you do not resist is the forced vaccination against cultivated viruses that you do not recognize as such!

Children, wake up, because who lets himself be vaccinated, will be lost soon. We warned you already, and We warn you again, because you go hopeful and relieved and FOLLOWING the MAINSTREAM, because you can't think clearly anymore, through the manipulation of those, who do everything to enslave you, to exterminate you and to control(!) you, into the claws of the evil, without realizing it!

Children, wake up, I, your Holy Prague Jesulein, have come to you, through My beloved daughter, to warn you and to ask you for the following:

Turn back, beloved children that you are, and enter into deep and fervent prayer, for only through your prayer will you attain clarity, only through prayer will you experience change, only through your deep and fervent prayer will My and your Father in Heaven, God Almighty, put a stop to it.

Only through your prayer, beloved children that you are, only through the prayer of all of you. Amen.

No one will be lost who truly believes in Me, in his Jesus, I promise. Amen.

My child. My dear child. Tell the children please, that only through prayer can they avert the worst. Thank you. Amen.

Yours and your Prague Jesulein.