God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1249 -

This time will show who is truly faithful to Me!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

My child. My daughter so beloved by Me. The suffering and affliction, willed and planned by the evil one, on this earth is great.

My child. Spain is thwarted and permeated by the devil himself, who, through his henchmen, makes everything only worse and more unbearable for Our beloved children. You already know what is happening to Europe, even if the details have not been made known to you or to the others. It is written, and it comes as it is written, but fear not, for your prayers will be heard.

God the Father, the Most High, stands ready for you, ie: the more, the more intimately, the more deeply, the more trustingly and in deep faith your prayers are spoken and addressed to HIM, the Almighty, the more burden HE lets fall from you, so the more you pray, the stronger the resistance you and others make and d. i.e. it becomes easier for you, and you can have new hope, because you KNOW that the Father will never leave you alone, and HE will intervene BEFORE the worst evils come, so that you will be saved and find entrance into My New Kingdom.

I, your Jesus, am already standing by. I, your Jesus, distribute Holy Communion to those who are truly faithful to Me and do NOT HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY OF MOUTH COMMUNION!

So be sure that I, your Jesus, am here spiritually, because you cannot see Me (most of you). But I tell you today: Since the beginning of this pandemic orchestrated and 'upheld' by the devil and his henchmen, I, your Jesus, have come to you, and I do not leave your side, for My promise is Holy, as is My Word, and what I promise and promise, what I say and said will be.

I love you very much. The children of My remnant army I will continue to protect ALL of you. Remain faithful to Me, because the times are not improving yet! Stay strong and in faith, because it will, it will get worse, but be aware (aware) that your prayer provides ease for each one of you, and be aware that I, your Jesus, am always by your side, with you, with you and there for you.

So be certain that this time is ending, and be certain that My New Kingdom is approaching. With each day you are closer to it, but the world MUST still convert before My Father gives the sign.

Do not be afraid, many children will still find their way to Me, but many will fall into the devil's net. They do this of their own free will, and this time will show who is truly faithful and devoted to Me. Amen.

So carry hope in your hearts, for the Father intervenes. When all seems lost, do not despair, for your prayer will bring mitigation and transformation.

I love you very much.

Your Jesus, who I Am, with God the Father, the Most High. Amen.

Our Lady: 'Pray, My children, pray, for only through prayer do you obtain lightening, mitigation and the Father's intervention for the shortening of time, help and salvation. Amen.'