God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 125 -

...that is why your prayers have such great "power" at this time!

Monday, May 6, 2013

My child. You are back again. How happy I am that you celebrated Our feast, Holy Communion, so wonderfully and in deep joy with Us. Thus, as good, exemplary parents, you have brought a child of your family to Jesus, and now this child can begin to walk his own individual journey of faith with Jesus, My Son who loves you so much, at His side and in His heart.

Much guidance he (the child) will continue to need from you already experienced, but as such wonderful role models that you all truly are for your children, he will walk this path with joy; for he is growing up with this joy and this so wonderful trust in God in his own family. (SPAN) (/SPAN)

How We wish that all the children of this world could grow up with parents who are exemplary in trust in God, because then they would all know My Son and be able to share their lives with Him, but unfortunately this is not so. Nevertheless, your devoted prayers also help these children and open the way for them to My Son who loves them so much.

Every prayer you pray for Christian families benefits a family.

The graces of God the Father are great in this present time because HE wants all His children to find their way back to HIM, and that is why your prayers have such great "power" at this time. Always prayer has been your most powerful "weapon" against evil, but in the present time it benefits all God's children, and with a hundredfold potency, i.e. the power of your prayers for others is multiplied a hundredfold by God's grace.

This is a very great gift, My beloved children, and the good you "pray for" with God's help is great. Be aware of it! Whoever prays for Christian families will be heard and through the graces of God the Father, a family somewhere in the world will be converted to My Son, your Jesus.

So be it.

Your ever loving and protecting Mother in Heaven. Mother of all the children of God.

Amen, I say this to you: Where there is love in your hearts, there I am also.

But where there is hatred and ill will, you will not find Me.

So open your hearts and be mild to one another, for where I am, all will be well.

So be it.

Your loving Jesus.