God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1251 -


Friday, August 21, 2020

My child. My daughter so beloved by Me. Your world is coming to an end, and so many of My beloved children do not see it. They do not believe in Me, they do not believe in My Word, they do not believe in what is written. Yet they run after the 'now'! They believe all the lies that are spread! They believe in your 'protecting' state system and don't see, No: they don't want to see how you are all deceived, deprived of your freedom, enslaved and driven in one direction.

Children wake up, because what the media is telling you is nothing but untruth! Don't you see it? Do you not understand it? Do you really believe EVERYTHING that is reported and served up to you on television, in newspapers and other propaganda press? You swallow it as if it were a delicious meal, but be sure that it is your last meal, if you do not wake up and get up and look the truth in the face!

You are being lied to and deceived, AND ONLY YOU CAN CHANGE IT! You must pray, My children, you must pray, and you must fight, My children, you must fight! This fight is a peaceful fight of My children, but you must fight it, because if you do nothing, you will perish.

The plans of the devil through his henchmen are not comprehensible to a pure soul, so abysmally bad and satanic are they that your healthy imagination is not capable of thinking in such abysmally bad images. But believe Me, My beloved children, when I, your Jesus, tell you that the worst has not begun yet.

Therefore, fight now, My beloved children, fight now! Stand up and rise up, but always remain peaceful and in love! Your prayer is the strongest weapon you have! So use it as such and pray, pray, pray! Join marches, movements FOR YOUR FREEDOM, and expose the evil! Bear witness, My children, bear witness to Me, to your Jesus, and enlighten mankind! You must pass on My word, which is the truth, and you must be alert to what is happening in your world!

Many good and pure men and women are already fighting for this! So join, beloved children that you are, in prayer, in deed, in passing on the truth. Amen.

I love you very much. My Father loves you very much. Do not be afraid, for he who is with Me will not be lost. Amen.

With deep love.

Your Jesus, who I Am and always will be. With you and there for you. I stand ready, and the sign of My Father, God Most High, will be given soon, very soon. So be ready for the end, for it approaches with each passing day.

Be ready for Me, for your Jesus, and stay alert, for confusion will be great before the end comes. He who is completely with Me has nothing to fear.

Carry the seal, My children, carry the seal always and always with you. Give it also to your children, for whoever carries the seal of My Father will survive this time. I, your Jesus, give you this promise. Amen. (Note: The Seal of the Living God)