God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1252 -

Warn mankind!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

My child. My dear child. We have called you here today. So listen and focus entirely on Me, on your Jesus who loves you, because the times in which you live are becoming heavier and heavier, and only a soul who is truly with Me, with her Jesus, will be saved from despair and other things.

So be and remain faithful to Me, beloved children that you are, because the Antichrist is here. The time of confusion will be bad, but do not fear. He who is truly devoted to Me, faithful, obedient and pure will not fall prey to confusion, but you must be with Me, with your Jesus, and live according to My word, for he who hurries after the false ones, prays and obeys in their cause, let it be said to him: Not man is your Lord, but I, your Jesus, and I watch over those who are faithful to Me alone, i.e.. i.e. do not listen to those who run about, for they lie to you and deceive you, and they do this in My name!

So be and remain vigilant, for the one who is coming and is already here IS NOT SENT BY ME AND MY FATHER! Remain vigilant, for I, your Jesus, am not coming to you in flesh and blood. My second coming will be, but I will not dwell among you as a man in flesh and blood! So remain vigilant and learn to discern: The one who ascended the throne and did not take it, and the one who will ascend the throne, is not sent by My Father! Neither the one who is already among you, nor the one who is there and will be made known to you. So listen to My Word, for My Word is holy, and it is the truth! Learn to discern and do not blindly follow those who claim to be Me and Mine, FOR THEY ARE NOT! The devil has sent them to send My children astray and into corruption!

So be and remain vigilant, for the evil game has begun! You see it, you live it, but so many do not want to see it and do not want to admit it! Do not seek the most pleasant way for yourselves, for that is not what pleases God! You must pray! You must fight! You must always remain in love for Me and your neighbor! Call to the Holy Spirit for clarity and guidance! only he can save you from the greatest temptation!

Listen to My Word, for it is holy! Find your way to Me, beloved children that you are, and examine yourselves: are you free from guilt and burden? Are you repentant, atoning and atoning? Whoever does not repent of his sins, I cannot forgive him! He who does not recognize his sins is still far away from Me, from his Jesus! Whoever does not confess, atone and repent, will have a hard time on the day of warning! Who does not find completely to Me, to his Jesus, will be lost in the mire of evil!

Hopelessness and tribulation will spread over all mankind, who is not truly with Me, with their Jesus! Only the 'elite', the stooges of My adversary, will laugh merrily and satanically! They enjoy all their evil deeds, for they have turned to the devil! So many have gone into his net, and, TO MAINTAIN POSITION AND VIEW, they get deeper and deeper into these contracting and entangling nets, with no way out!

Children, what are you doing to yourselves! Have you not learned that EVERYTHING that does not come from Me, from your Jesus, who I Am the Son of God, is transient? Nothing you will take with you, but painfully you will suffer, for the torment of soul is great that awaits you, and the torment of soul will be infinite for so many of you!

Wake up and free yourselves! What is prestige, what is richness of earthly goods, but transitoriness! Turn to Me, your Jesus, and convert! It is not too late!

Through love, My and the Father's merciful love for you, beloved children that you are, you will be gifted with the greatest grace of Heaven in the world, a grace, a gift of mercy that has never been before! Prepare yourselves for it and purify yourselves! For this you must turn away from the devil and sin and come to Me, to your Jesus! Only a pure, purified and repentant soul will be able to endure My presence! It is not too late! If you turn away from Me, in this day of grace for all mankind, you will be lost forever!

So prepare yourselves, because the agony of souls will be great! The abandonment, the fear, the pain, hardly bearable for those who are not truly with Me! You will seek death, but for many it will not be there! So you must go through the pain, the abandonment, the 'nothingness' and then, as the last act of My mercy, convert! If you do not do this, the devil will steal you. You will exercise power once again for a short time, on a large and/or small scale. This you will do in particular over those who are truly faithful and devoted to Me. But it will be your last breaths and efforts to torment My children, because the hand of the Father will speed over the earth, and what will come then is known to you! You do not want to believe all this, but it is and will be as I, your Jesus, say, for My Word is truth, it is holy, and it is and will be as it is written.

So wake up, beloved children that you are! No sin is too great, too abysmally bad, shameful and disgraceful, than that it cannot be forgiven by My mercy. So convert now before it is too late, and experience the warning as an act of mercy and as the last chance for your conversion! The more 'prepared' you are, that is, who has truly confessed, repented and atoned for your sins, the easier and more beautiful this event will be for you! Do not think that it is enough on that day to be converted, for the degree of suffering, anguish of soul and pain, desolation and abandonment depends on the preparation of each one of you!

So repent! Free yourselves from sin! Renounce the evil! And pray, pray, pray! The time that remains to you is condensing and darkening, but My children, who are truly faithful to Me, are protected from fear and despair. This, however, requires deep and firm faith, hope and prayer! Who does not believe in Me, who does not hope in Me, and who does not pray to Me will experience hard, hard times. He will fall prey to error and confusion, and only through repentance and prayer will he not be lost.

So repent, beloved children that you are, for the worst is yet to come. The Antichrist will be presented to you, and together with the false prophet, he will throw My flock to the devil. They are skillful, charismatic the one who will come and be presented to you, and so many will fall for them. With trickery and deceit they will make you believe he is Me and you will celebrate and worship him. That, My children, is your downfall!

So remain faithful to Me, for only I can lead you to the Father! The New Kingdom is ready, but only the one who is truly faithful and devoted to Me will find entrance!

Pray, pray, pray, for preservation from going astray! Stand up and bear witness to Me, to your Jesus, and WARN THE PEOPLE!

Only I can give you salvation, but he who comes and deceives you will bring you damnation and eternal torment of soul. Amen.

So be vigilant, because the evil game has begun. In a very short time, the power of evil will spread to all levels of your life. The One World Government that is being strived for and beginning to be implemented, is being supported by the One World Religion. You have no chance to escape from all this unless you turn around, wake up and stand up! So many people are saying the true word, but you do not hear it! You continue to be fed by your media, which tells you about a pandemic, which is non-existent! Wake up! Fight back! You have enough guidance to fight against these machinations, which are of satanic origin through and through!

The division of your society becomes bigger with every day. On the one side the ignorant and media faithful who have decided against the truth! On the other side those who see through the evil game and warn, enlighten and rise! Still you live in a relatively peaceful time, however, this peace threatens to topple, by the ignorance and obedience of those who stubbornly follow those who want your downfall! This schism you find also in My Holy Church. Planned and implemented over decades and hundreds, the devil and his henchmen have infiltrated into My Holy Church.

Recognize where you are(!), My beloved children that you are, because the end is approaching, and with it the downfall of so many of My beloved children! Use your free will for Me, for your Jesus, then I will hurry to you. But those who still reject Me even on the last day of My so great mercy, to you be said: You have not wanted Me. Now I can do nothing more for you. When the gates of hell open, your soul will have no protection. I, your Jesus, will not rush to your help, because you have rejected Me and did this of your own free will, if you now realize that the devil has also lied to you and deceived you, because everything that comes from him is only deception and pretense, then it is already too late for you! Your soul will be lost forever and torment and pain and agony and suffering will be your damnation. I warn you for the last time, you who pay homage to the devil: Turn back! For your suffering, agony, torment and horror will be greater than anything you have done to My children in your lifetime!

I, your Jesus, also love you. I, your Jesus, also suffered for you on the cross. I give you the chance to repent, of your own free will, of your own free will. However, if you reject My mercy, I can and will do nothing more for you, and it pains My heart if even one of My children is lost.

So pray, beloved children who are with Me, for the repentance of the most hardened sinners! My love is infinite! My mercy greater than imaginable for you! No sin is too grave that My mercy could not forgive it. I long for the repentance of all sinful children! So pray, pray, pray for them and atone, My children, atone! Your atonement will bear fruit here on earth for sinners and in My glory, in My Father's glory for you, beloved children that you are. Amen.

Confess, repent, repent! Only in this way will you come closer to Me. Only in this way will you be close to Me. Amen.

In deep and infinite love.

Your Jesus.

With God the Father, the Most High, the Holy Archangels and angelic hosts, and My Most Holy Mother Mary. Amen.

All of us, Heaven united, stand ready. Pray and implore the Divine graces and the Father's intervention.

I love you very much. I love you very much, My little tender soul that you are. Make this known. You and yours will also atone again, but I need you and you now to spread My Word. Amen.

The world (mankind) is asleep! You must wake them up! Amen.

Go now, My child. My Son loves you and you very much. Every sinner who repents is a gift that makes Him reduce His suffering and relieve His pain. His heart blossoms and rejoices over every sinner who finds his way to Him, regardless of the sin that sinner has committed, for He, in His all-encompassing mercy, forgives ALL SINS IF THEY ARE REPENTED TO HIM, REPENTED AND PARDONED. Amen.