God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1254 -

Your sleep will end abruptly!

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Jesus in agony: 'My Holy Church will not perish. You (My children of the remnant army) keep it upright (alive). Amen.'

Mother of God with Jesus dead in her arms: O My child. I, your Mother in Heaven, am suffering greatly. My Most Holy Son is atoning for you. He suffered and continues to suffer for you, with you. And your thanks, My children? I suffer very much. My Son sacrificed Himself entirely for you, for each one of you, but look where your gratitude is!

If you do not repent, even worse times will overtake you, and your soul, for which My Son suffers, suffers and atones, will be lost. Whether you believe it or not, beloved children that you are, whoever does not repent, atone and repent now, will face hard, hard times. My Son will have to leave him, because he has not chosen HIM, his Savior, but through his lukewarmness, his selfishness, his pride, his greed and his UNBELIEF, he has chosen the way of evil, of the adversary of My Son. And you will awaken, beloved children that you are, for your sleep will end abruptly, and then it will be too late for your conversion.

If your soul is lost, you will suffer, and this suffering will be infinite. You will have no way out and will have to face the torment, agony and pain -added by your own sins and free will that you direct AGAINST Jesus and God the Father.

The extent of the torment of the soul of a lost soul is unimaginable, so great, so painful is the torment of the soul that such a soul who has not said YES to Jesus, has not converted and has not repented. This torment of the soul is immeasurable, and it is eternal.

So convert now, for it is not too late! Jesus, My Most Holy Son, YOUR Savior, is waiting for your YES.

With love,

Your Mother in Heaven I suffer, for thanksgiving is lost to you and you are getting more and more lost. Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.

'My suffering is great, in this ungrateful time. Oh could you only see further, you would turn back and run to Me.

Your unbelief is taking you away from the path to salvation, freedom and towards misbelief, false doctrines and lies and deceit. Your soul is wasting away in living body, and your suffering will be great, IF YOU DON'T CHANGE!

No possessions should you prefer to Me, your Jesus, because they are perishable, LIKE EVERYTHING IN YOUR WORLD. I Am and always will be, and only those who turn to Me will attain eternal life. Amen.

So convert, My children, convert! Turn away from all deceit and pretense! No prestige, no house, no luxury good is more beautiful, greater and certainly not eternal, than My love for you, My care and My mercy! Only through Me you will become truly happy children.

So convert now, because the end is approaching, and with it the downfall of all those children who today still feel great and strengthened by the machinations of My adversary.

Convert now, before it is too late, because the way you are going leads to perdition, and you will suffer, suffer, suffer for eternity if you do not find your way to Me, to your Jesus. Amen.

Only a soul that truly finds Me, loves Me, honors Me and is obedient to ME, its Jesus, will enter My New Kingdom. But for you who turn away from Me, who do not want Me, who torment My children, to you be said:

The devil will also deceive you, and you will get to know his true face, but there will be no turning back for your soul. It will be too late. Just as you want to hand over My children to the devil, so and worse, you will then be at his mercy, and your agony and torment will last forever, without hope of deliverance, without hope of salvation!

So decide well, it is not too late: convert now, My beloved children, who are also you, and give Me, your Jesus, your YES! One YES is enough to take the first step. One YES, beloved children that you are.

I, your Jesus, am waiting for you. My Holy Angels are ready. The one who gives Me his true and sincere YES will not be lost. My angelic hosts will also fight for you. Amen.

With deep and sincere love,

Your Jesus of the Holy Cross.

I have carried the cross for all of you. Amen.

Jesus on the cross: 'I suffer. Ah, if only all the children would find their way to Me, My heart would shout for joy.'