God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1267 -

Listen carefully, dear people!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

All that I say now,

will do you and your soul good:

So fear nothing, dear child,

for Jesus and Mary are with you.

you love and you guide you,

and are in every home,

where there are children who are pious and good

and do honestly and much praying,

so rejoice all of you, O dear child',

for Mary and Jesus are with you.

And you who do not yet know Jesus,

be told, time is running out.

So pray a lot, dear people,

before you hear the sound of heaven,

for all children the Lord loves,

and none shall be lost,

so pray much for these children,

who do not know the Lord, for very quickly,

the end will come before you,

so be warned and open your door to Jesus even now.

I love you, do not stay away from Jesus,

for HE alone is your Lord,

who loves you and cares for all His children,

so run to HIM, for time is running out.

and when it shows in the firmament of heaven,

the time has come and a cross all bright,

shines everywhere on your earth,

then, dear children, all is not far off.

but you must be ready for that day,

for for many of you it will be a torment,

to see your soul, AS YOU REALLY ARE,

you will cry and be very frightened,

only a soul that is already with the Lord now,

will truly endure this light,

which shows your soul as it really is,

so prepare yourselves, before it's too late for you.

so tell the children to pray a lot,

for all who do not see the light,

which the Lord brings for you and IS for them,

and may they fall on their knees

and beg forgiveness for their sins,

for the Lord is merciful to each one of them.

But woe to him who will not hear,

to him be told, it is bad for him,

for the Lord will come with justice,

and even that time is not far off.

So listen to the call and to the word,

which the Lord makes known, and in many places,

listen to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ,

for She cares and prays and stands in the light,

intercedes for you little children,

so be sure that you are NEVER alone.

so persevere and pray much, dear child',

for your world is in a bad way, as you all see,

and believe Our Word that is written,

follow the call that leads you to the Father.

whoever does not plead to Jesus for forgiveness of his sin,

will not find the Lord in the ruin of your world,

who does not plead to the Father, HE may intervene soon,

will soon stand there, as if lost in the forest,

and his soul will suffer, because he did not find the Lord,

and alone he will remain and eternally far from the Lord,

that will be for his eternity,

so you all better get ready.

a thousand years will pass,

until he may see the light,

for the Lord will come, as judge now,

and the Father will decide from the very top of the throne,

who will stand in the kingdom of heaven,

which only the pure will attain.

So have no hope that you will be spared,

for the Lord sees all, and only he will be rewarded,

who was honest and faithful and devoted to HIM,

who was ready for HIM and the Father.

so think well what you really want,

because soon, very soon, the big bang will come,

and whoever is not ready for his Jesus,

will have little hope, for he will not endure the light,

and the love that Jesus gives to everyone,

who trusts in HIM and ALWAYS thinks of HIM.

so fear those who do not want Jesus,

for you will experience the great resentment,

and your eternity will be painful,

with grief and sorrow and anguish and everlasting torment.

I call to you, all the children of the world,

for things are truly bad in your world:

run to Jesus, turn back and prepare yourselves,

for soon, very soon a gate will open,

to the New Kingdom of the Lord,

so do not continue to stay away from Jesus,

for NO ONE will enter through that gate,

who does not honestly and sincerely swear allegiance to Jesus.

so be warned you who do not love Jesus,

for the devil will steal from you, insidiously like a thief.

You do not believe it, but it will be so,

so heed My word, for now is the time,

that you ALL must decide,

for the Lord stands ready, and the great judgment

will come for all the children of the world,

so get ready, for soon it will be too late.

I warn those who do not listen to the word,

which the Lord proclaims in many places.

be greeted by Me and the saints here,

if you knew where you stand, you would all already be with the Lord,

but you still have a short time left,

so please get ready, all of you.

I love you, the Lord does too,

and it is truly a custom in heaven,

to pray for you at the Father's throne,

to intercede for you, that you may receive the reward,

for your good works for life,

and that you may know sin and repent of it,

for only through repentance do you obtain forgiveness from the Lord,

through repentance, My children, so do not stay away from the Lord.

HE forgives all sins, no matter how great,

through confession and penance and a contrite heart.