God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1274 -

Get ready for the upcoming events!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

My child. Your world is upside down. You do not see it! You do not hear it! But the New Kingdom of My Son is near, very near. Look around you and put one and one together!

As soon as the Antichrist visibly enters the scene of your world events, you must trust completely in My Son and God the Father in Heaven. It will be a difficult time, but you must remain steadfast! You must not accept his mark, the mark of the beast, nor must you become weak and succumb to his charms, charisma and hypocrisies!

It will be a difficult time for you, beloved children that you are, but at the same time it will be your LAST TEST before the Kingdom of My Son is given to you. Therefore, beloved children that you are, stay strong and prepare yourselves for the upcoming events!

Stay vigilant, because nothing is as it seems! You will see the signs soon, and you will recognize them, so stay faithful to Jesus, remain in prayer, and never follow those who come along!

Just as the way was prepared for Jesus, now the way of His adversary is being prepared: Therefore, beware, for soon he will be presented to you as the one WHO HE IS NOT! And so many will idolize Him, hastening after Him, zealous for Him, thus exposing themselves to eternal perdition!

So stay alert and listen to what I, your loving Mother in Heaven, keep saying: My Son will come, but He will not dwell among you. By this you can recognize him (Antichrist).

I love you very much. Stay alert, because appearances in your world are deceptive. Many lies, structures of lies, have been built up over decades and woe to him who believes the media, woe to him who follows the mainstream and woe to him who listens to those who run away from them, follows them and is or becomes subservient to them!

Take good care and remain vigilant and use prayer, beloved children that you are. He who remains in deep faith will know how to discern, but you must pray, pray, pray and ask the Holy Spirit of the Father and of the Son, of My Son, of your Savior Jesus, daily to keep you from confusion and going astray and to always gift you with clarity and knowledge!

Pray for peace in the hearts of all nations, for where peace dwells, the evil one cannot sow his weeds, and always remain in the love of Jesus, for against this love the evil one cannot compete.

Pray, pray, pray, for prayer is your strongest weapon!

Pray My rosaries, and pray in the intentions of Jesus!

I love you very much. Remain vigilant and see where you already stand.

With deep and sincere love.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of Redemption.