God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 128 -

Alone you will not be able to free yourselves from Satan and his demons.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My child. My dear child. Sit with Me and listen to Me: your world consists of so much appearance. All that you "chase", recognition, money, luxury, material wealth, are signs of your inner discontent. Before God the Father, Our Father, all this has no value, because only the love of each heart "counts" in His eyes, only the good that each heart exudes is what has real value.

You are attached to ephemeral things and you are harming yourselves, your souls. Moreover, you harm many fellow brothers and sisters by your self-centered pursuit of all these worthlessnesses. Heap up your treasures in your hearts.

Do good deeds and works for other children of God, filling your soul with great joy and that of your fellow brothers and sisters. Share with one another and learn to love one another again.

Do not envy. Envy brings only unhappiness, in yourselves, in your hearts and in your souls. Moreover, through envy you also harm those you envy.

Give your neighbor what he has and give him what he lacks. If everyone did this, no child of God would lack anything.

You do not need much to live. Do not scrounge, for there is enough for all God's children. God the Father takes care of each of His children. If you learn to take this to heart again, ALL of God's children will be fine.

Stop arguing with each other. Quarrels are only stirred up by the adversary. He also keeps all the appearances in your world to keep you "small". You think you are the greatest, with lots of money, powerful positions, big cars and splendid mansions, but it is not so. All this the devil makes you believe. He stirs up your vanity and covers you with veils of obscurity, so that you no longer see the light of God - the knowledge of being, your origin and your Eternal Life. He blinds you with appearances and lures you with temptations. Do not fall for him any longer. He is up to no good with you.

Find the way to God the Father and become one with My Son. Only Jesus is your Savior. Only HE can free you from the clutches of evil.

Accept His love, His mercy and live your life in peace and love with each other. Whoever believes in Jesus, who trusts in HIM, who gives HIM his YES, HE will make him happy, free him from all the clutches of evil, protect you from its snares and protect and redeem you. For HE will take you, on the day of great joy, into His New Kingdom, where love and peace are at home and bliss is given to you. The glories of God will be revealed to you, and your soul will finally feel at ease, because it will have arrived (again) at home, with its Creator, who loves it so much.

Give yourselves the jolt that you are still missing, and let yourselves go on this wonderful adventure, the most beautiful of all journeys, back into the arms of God the Father. Without Him, no child of the earth will find fulfillment in its purest form. Alone you will not be able to free yourselves from Satan and his demons.

Therefore come, My so beloved children. I, your Mother in Heaven, take you to My Son, so that each one of you may experience the love that only HE is able to give you, and so that no child of the earth may be lost.

I call ALL children of the earth to come to Me. My loving mother heart is looking forward to each one of you. With great love and confidence I will place you in the Holy Arms of My Son, so that your soul may find rest and be healed, for your world is unhealthy for your soul.

Give Me your trust and let Me bring you to Jesus. Ask Me for it, and great will be My joy.

It does not matter where you are on earth and what religion - or not - you belong to. I, your Mother in Heaven, love ALL My children, because I am the Mother of ALL God's children. Therefore, My so beloved children, come to Me so that I can lead you into the redeeming arms of My Holy Son. So be it.

Your ever-loving Mother in Heaven. Mother of ALL God's children.

Thank you, My child.

Amen, I tell you: Whoever entrusts himself to My beloved Mother will find his way to Me.

Whoever finds his way to Me, his Jesus, will not be lost.

But whoever turns away and does not want to know anything about Us, denies Us and blasphemes, he will cry out for help when all at once he becomes aware of Satan's lies, but then it will be too late, for the maelstrom of the lake of fire will have already taken possession of him, and I can no longer do anything for him.

So come to Me, your Jesus, and nothing bad will happen to your soul. So be it.

Your Jesus.

Thank you, My daughter. My child so loved by Me.