God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1285 -

The Father will put a stop to it, but it is up to you to REFUSE IT!

Friday, April 2, 2021

Jesus in agony: It will soon be accomplished. Tell the children, please. Amen.


Jesus, carrying the cross: the way to Golgotha is soon accomplished. Please tell the children. Amen.


My child. Please tell the children of the world that there is only a short time left. Tell them that Jesus is standing by, and tell them that the way to Golgotha will soon be completed. Tell them that We, Heaven United, love them very much, and tell them that We are waiting for their repentance.

Tell those who are not yet with Jesus that the Lord also loves them very much, and tell them that HE, the Almighty Son of the Father, Creator of all being, will forgive them as soon as they ask HIM with a repentant heart! Tell them, please, because: The hour of mercy still strikes, but when it is over, woe to him who has not converted and repented of his sins.

Tell those who are already with Jesus to deepen their relationship with HIM. There is only a short time left for this, and they do well to listen to My word.

Children, if you knew what is yet to come, you would all already be with Jesus, pleading, pleading, pleading, for mercy, for extenuation, for shortening of time.

Children, if you only knew, you would never have left Jesus! Those who have turned away, you will be the hardest hit. Be warned and find your way back to the Lord Jesus Christ, for only HE can save you from the damnation THAT IS TO COME!

Do not be afraid, beloved children that you are, because everything will happen very quickly. It will be hard for all those WHO HAVE NOT READY, but for the rest of you, who are faithful, sincere, honest and totally devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ, the time will not be so hard, i.e. you will be hidden in Jesus and the abominations and outrages, the terrors and horrors will be 'defused' for you.

Children, My words weigh heavily, but you must receive them with your heart. Look around you and see how you, who are completely in the Lord, hope in HIM, trust in HIM, and live for HIM, are experiencing this time, and see how many, who are not with the Lord, are plunged into despair and distress and straying.

Children, remain faithful to the Lord and be ready for HIM at all times! Before HE comes to deliver you from this darkness, His adversary will put the world into deepest darkness. But do not be afraid and know how to distinguish. I, your Bonaventure, will be with you if you ask Me, as well as all the saints of Jesus' whom We are now praying more intensely for you and this time in which you live, so that you may repent and be preserved from the abominations that the evil one has planned. The Father will put a stop to it, but it is up to you to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Pray, pray, pray and be faithful to Jesus always. Then the promises will be fulfilled for you and the New Kingdom will be opened for you. However, if you turn away, or do not turn back at all, your days are numbered. The Antichrist and his false prophet will drag you down with him into perdition and the greatest suffering and torment in hell will be your eternity.

So listen to the call in these messages and get ready. The end is approaching with every day, and you must be ready for the Lord.

With deep love.

Your Bonaventure. Amen.

My child. Please make this known. Our children do not hear, and they do not see that they are running straight down the road to perdition.