God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1287 -

You have become unworthy!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Jesus, carrying the cross: My child. My suffering is great because so few children repent. Oh, if only all My children would listen to My call, so much suffering and sorrow would be spared them. Their lives would be so much happier already now. But their suffering, their sorrow, their worries and their desolation are nothing compared to what will await them if they do not convert to Me. Please tell them. And also tell those who live in fear that they want to turn completely to Me, because their fears I take from them, and the love and joy I give to them, but they must turn completely to Me, so that I can work in them and in their lives, and they will not be lost when the day of great joy comes for those children who are completely with Me. Amen.

And tell those who revel in luxury that it will soon turn into transience. Then, beloved children, you will know the truth, but then it will already be too late for you.

Tell those who are attached to money, those who envy, those who always want more, those who live in fornication, the list is long..., that their days are numbered if they do not convert to Me. Please tell them from Me, from their Jesus, carrying the cross to Golgotha.

When this path is accomplished, you will do well to be with Me. Please tell them. Amen.


My child. My dear child. I, your Jesus, suffer greatly. Too few children convert, many, many turn away from Me to live in perishableness, others move away from Me because they run after the wolves in sheep's clothing and do not realize that this one and these ones lead them directly to perdition.

Children, be vigilant, because the signs are becoming more and more visible. The end of your affluent society is approaching, but you continue to live as if only this were important and forget about true life and Me, your Jesus who loves you so much and suffers for you.

At the end of the road only I will be, your Jesus, but you must decide for Me. If you do not do this, only the fall remains, your fall into damnation, and the way there the devil and his henchmen 'decorate' you with luxury, with money, with wealth, with recognition, with power, with possessions, with 'kicks', with immorality, with twisting the truth and sweet-talking....

Children, wake up and look the truth in the face: He who prefers transience to Me will not be able to raise a right to My New Kingdom. The gates will remain closed to him, and the devil will be allowed to torment them, because: You have not converted to Me, you have not listened to My Word, you have given preference to perishable things over Me, your Redeemer, and you have lived selfishly toward Me and your neighbor. Shame on you, for you have become unworthy, and only your repentance can still save you.

Confess, atone and repent of your sins, AS LONG AS YOU STILL CAN, because: Your churches will soon close, your masses will no longer be valid, and Me, your Jesus, will be blasphemed in the highest circles, mocked and denied, just as it has been done to Me before.

But all faithful children will not fall prey to evil, and the day will come when there will be no more doubt. So convert, you unbelievers, for I alone am the way to eternity.

Those who continue to believe the lies of the devil will have their eyes opened very soon.

Decide, beloved children that you are, for you have only 2 choices. Amen.

Your Jesus of the Cross.

The road to Golgotha will soon be completed, and the hour of mercy will be visible to all the children of the earth. It is up to you to convert, so that you may also experience this day, this act of My mercy, as such.

Come to Me, to your Jesus, for My heart thirsts for every soul, so that it will not be lost on the day of great joy and will rise with Me. Amen.