God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 129 -

Do not blindly and deafly believe the "heads" of your world today.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My child. I, your Saint Joseph, have come to tell you this: the world is changing, but unfortunately not for the better. What is presented to you as innovations and for the "good" of all people, serves only the purposes of evil, because now they will tell you that all God's children are equal and interpret it in such a way that they can impose their plans marked by communism.

In the eyes of God, of course, all children are equal, but yet you are all different. Each of you brings something very special to the table. Each has been given special gifts by God the Father, Our Creator and Giver of Life, and never should the children of God be relegated as "equals," for you are all special in your own individual ways.

Do not be beguiled by slogans of the evil elite, for they use God's word to twist it into the opposite. Be ever watchful and alert. Never give in to the great crowd and run after them, nor parrot their words. Consider, make up your mind first. Take the Bible, God the Father's Holy Book, in your hands and open your hearts to see if what they are saying and trying to teach you is true.

Raise your voice and defend the true Word of God. Don't let them twist it. Use your intelligence to defend yourselves and God's word. So they do it in reverse and twist everything that was ever morally right.

Do not blindly and deafly believe the "heads" of your world today. Turn on your intelligence and feel in your hearts. Only the masses will rejoice at all these innovations, for they are too lazy and comfortable to care about the true Word of God.

My children: homosexuality does not come from God. God gives life, and no life comes from same-sex mating. It is pure gratification, the "act of love" of two of the same sex. It is "letting oneself go", "living by oneself" without acknowledging the values of God, against the nature that God the Father has so wonderfully created. Incidentally, this also applies to all those who have extramarital affairs or flings, seek out "business ladies" or use contraception to produce children. All this does NOT come from God. It is a perverted variety to which the devil has "enslaved" you. Make yourselves aware of that! Then your eyes will be opened and you will realize how apostate a same-sex relationship is from the way of God.

My children, my dear children, I, your Saint Joseph, do not want to condemn anyone, but I want to WATCH you so that you can escape from the clutches of evil. Turn all of you back to God the Father and trust in His Son, My Jesus and yours. He will embrace each one of you in His most holy arms, comfort you and cradle you in safety, but you must take the first step.

Whoever turns to Jesus, My Son so beloved by Me, will find again the true values of God and no one will be able to seize his mind and soul. You will (again) be able to distinguish between good and evil and right and wrong, and you will recognize where the lies of the wicked ultimately want to lead you: into the arms of Satan, their master, who wants to seize the entire world and devour every single soul, not because he likes you, but in order to see God the Father, the Most High, suffer for you, because he, Satan, will torment you most miserably, and your torment will be great.

So be watchful, alert and shrewd. Use your gifts that God the Father gave you and always hold on to Jesus. With HIM you will enter the New Jerusalem as victors, with HIM you will discover the glories of God the Father and be allowed to live in joy, happiness and love in the Kingdom of Peace forever. So be it.

Your loving Joseph.

Make this known, My daughter.