God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1290 -

The elite has other plans!

Monday, April 19, 2021

My child. My dear child. Jesus is very sad. Your world condition is bad and the need is great. Only those who are truly anchored in Jesus will survive this time with HIM, but those who waver, those who seek pleasure, those who want to live as if what is happening and will happen is not happening, will move away from Jesus, and their fall will be deep and unstoppable.

Children, if you only knew! You must pray, pray, pray and be faithful to Jesus always and always! You must remain strong and steadfast, because 'normal life' has already been taken away from you, and the devil and his henchmen have no plans to give it back to you! On the contrary, they are still working out (more) meaner, viler, more criminal and threatening your future abominations, and instead of running to Jesus, hoping and trusting in HIM, My beloved children that you are, you are walking into the devil's trap, because you are playing his game and are not aware of the damage you are doing and carrying away for your soul, your salvation!

Children, wake up, because the devil plays only with you! He never intends to give you anything even remotely 'positive'! It's all lies, sham and hypocrisy! You are sold for stupid, and the bad thing is that you let it happen to you!

Stop and plead for clarity to the Holy Spirit of the Lord, because you no longer see clearly, you are entangled in the snares of the evil one, and there is no way out for you, IF YOU DO NOT CONVERT TO JESUS! You must be completely with HIM, with your Savior, otherwise you will be lost in the most deceitful way, because in the highest places they lie to you, they deceive you, they lead you astray, and you do not want to believe it!

Wake up! He who says he comes from God, does not! He who pretends to be the representative of Jesus on earth, is not! You have enough proofs, but you do not want to see them! You distract yourselves and look for the good, but you will not find it, because it is only hypocrisies, beautiful words, but empty, and with that you will and LET YOURSELVES ensnare you and do not see who is the wolf in sheep's clothing, because you do not want to see it!

Wake up, beloved children, wake up!

The end is so near, and you live as if everything is 'normal', but it is not, and you will not find your way back to normality, because the elite has other plans, and in them there is no place for you!

Do not accept the mark of the beast! You will be lost if you do! Do not accept anything that is offered to you as a 'solution', as a 'way out' back to normality, because you will not attain it!

Only Jesus is the way! HE alone will lead you through this time, and with HIM you will attain the New Kingdom. Everything is very near. So hang in there, beloved children. Hang in there and be and remain completely with Jesus. Amen.

Your Bonaventure.