God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1292 -

See where you stand!

Thursday, April 22, 2021

My child. My children so beloved by Me. Hurry up, because your world condition is bad, and exactly there, where you think that everything would become better now, the meanest and most devilish plans are issued from behind, and you do not go against it, because you are blinded by relaxations and false promises!

Children, wake up! In so many countries the devil is raging and making himself more and more visible! You are lied to and deceived, and you still believe in the return of a normality!

Children, wake up, because the evil one and his elite are playing an evil game with you, and the devil is laughing, because you are going straight into his snares!

Open your eyes and see where you stand! Only fervent prayer will mitigate and keep away these schemes, which you cannot imagine at the moment, and which remain unimaginable for a 'healthy heart'!

Plead to the Father, because the Father hears your plea, and HE will not leave you alone! Remember: When everything seems hopeless, HE will intervene, but, beloved children that you are, before that still My adversary will enter the stage, and let himself be celebrated and pretend to be the one, WHO HE IS NOT!

So be ready for these insidiousnesses and recognize them! Only a soul that is truly with Me, with its Jesus, will come through this time unscathed. Amen.

Pray, pray, pray! You must always remain in prayer, for this is how you will gain the power, the stamina, the strength and the courage to persevere and realize!

Plead for clarity to the Holy Spirit so that you will not be lost in the devil's web of lies. Amen.

Remain vigilant, beloved children that you are, for it is coming blow by blow, and whoever is not hidden in Me, in his Jesus, it will strike him with terror!

Remain hidden in Me, in your Savior, who I Am, and remain ready.

Everything will happen very quickly, so be alert and ready for Me, for your Jesus who loves you so much. Amen.

Your Jesus, who I Am.

I am coming again, and that time is near, but My adversary comes first, so stay alert, ready and learn to discern!

I, your Jesus, will NOT dwell among you a second time. By this you can know him. Amen.

A hard time will come upon you, and whoever is not ready will be overcome by darkness. Amen.