God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1295 -


Thursday, April 29, 2021

The number of the beast 'sticks' to it everywhere!

The plans are evil for you,

the world shall reduce all people,

and only who survives from you,

will be slave of the rich of today.

But it comes differently than planned,

for God, the Lord, also has a plan,

and that, dear children,

includes all of you, who are pure

and faithful and devoted to Our Lord Christ,

who died for you on the cross.

And do not all children see this,

He will come, and come quickly,

and redeem all those who are faithful to Him,

and that is a great joy.

for all the children of God,

who are devoted to the Lord and pure in heart.

so turn around, you other people,

for you must be ready for Jesus,

for much confusion is yet to come,

and great snares are yet to fall,

if you do not trust in Our Lord,

who has 'built' for you all a new kingdom,

where you will live in peace and joy,

so you better all get ready,

for the devil is now raging on earth,

and never will he and his elite rest,

and they will all tempt you,

and so many will be lost, because they are not ready.

so hear what is written,

do not listen to lies and deceit, for that is not the way.

The devil seeks your ruin,

and his mark he puts on it EVERYWHERE (!),

so be warned and accept NOTHING (!),

for the number of the beast 'sticks' to it everywhere!

be warned, dear little children,

for the Lord, HE will not leave you alone,

if you honestly and sincerely love Christ

and give yourselves to Him with all your heart,

for HE loves HIS children, no matter how bad,

and tainted with sin and black as pitch,

but you must come to Him, to the Lord Jesus Christ,

repent of your sins, do penance, and until the end.

then be faithful and pure children,

devoted to the Lord, pious and ready,

to go along into the New Kingdom,

which is ready for all who remain pure.

So come all to the Lord Christ,

for all things are prepared for His true children,

and in the time that you are,

the Lord bears with you sorrow and grief,

so trust and remain prepared,

for the time is soon at hand.

I love you, My dear children,

and hope so much that ready are all,

for the time is pressing on them, and very soon.

the Lord will stand before you, so be ready.

take good care, for the devil does not sleep,

and he will confound those who are not in Jesus' light,

so watch and always be ready,

for the day of great joy approaches with every day.

do not be foolish

and turn back,

find the Lord Jesus Christ,

for HE alone is your salvation.

Your Bonaventure.