God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 13 -

Convert to Me and My Son.

Friday, January 4, 2013

My child, I want to thank you for your courage. Receiving Our messages is not always easy. And you, My daughter, have agreed to do so. I thank you for this and I bless you with very special graces from Heaven, for I love you very much.

The things that come to you are solely for the purpose of leading souls to Me. My beloved child. A soul can only find its way back to Me, its Creator, when it is opened up to Me. I.e., it must be led to Me. For a soul that has never heard of Me, it will be difficult to find the way to Me. You should know that thousands of children's souls grow up without Me, that is, without their parents telling them about Me. The longing for Me is carried by these sweet, little, pure souls, but it is difficult, with all the misguidance on your earth, to really arrive at Me.

For these souls you must pray. Pray that they find their way to Me. Pray that they find someone who will tell them about Me. Then these souls will have a chance. It saddens Me that so many have fallen away from faith in Me, in My Son, and are turning their backs on Us. They lump Us in with what is wrong in the Catholic Church. They do not know how to find Us.

They do not know about the mystery of the Holy Eucharist. If only all My children knew about the graces of the Holy Eucharist! The churches would be overflowing with children of God who long to participate in the Holy Mass. My dear children, I give you this much. Accept it. Call to Me and I will come. Pray to Me, and I hear. Run to Me, and I take you in My loving Father's arms. My love for you is infinite. My love for you makes Me, God the Father, long for you to find your way back to your Creator. I ardently desire your happiness. But only through My love will you discover true joy. My dear children, I love you. Do not close yourselves off.

My Son, Jesus, will come again soon to take all of you, who profess Him, to the new paradise. Please do not expect a new birth, because it will not happen again. My Son will come as He left the earth, for only in this way can it be /happen. Pray, My dear children, that on that day you may fall on your knees with joy to greet My Son. Whoever does not do so will experience severe suffering. Convert, My little children! Repent and convert to Me and My Son Jesus. Only He can save you.

Satan will be deprived of all power, but whoever does not prepare himself in time for the return of My Son and does not confess Us, he (the devil) will take him away into eternal damnation, and then you will be lost forever.

My dear children, do not let this happen. You who know Me, pray for your fellow brothers that they may find the way to Me. You who sin, do not be ashamed to come before Me. One word of repentance and you will be forgiven, My children. You are so precious. Each one of you. I invite everyone to come to the New Paradise together with My Son, Jesus Christ.

I love you, My children. Come to Me and do not be afraid.

Your ever-loving Father, God, your Creator.