God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1301 -

YOUR change must take place!

Tuesday, May 18, 2021


Nothing will avail you, My beloved children, if you do not take Our Word into yourselves, take it to heart and IMPLEMENT IT! You must be ready, because times will not improve!

Much disaster is planned, and if you are not with Jesus, you will be lost! We keep telling you, BUT YOU DO NOT LISTEN!

You read and look for sensations, BUT DO NOT CHANGE!

Heed Our messages, Our Word and be ready for the Lord, because when HE stands before you, you will not know how to endure HIS purity, you will not be able to bear HIS light and HIS presence, which is comparable to nothing on your earth, will be 'too much' for you, because you have not heard (! ), have not prepared yourselves (!), have not made yourselves ready for HIM who loves you, for HIM who frees you from sin, for HIM who redeems you, if only you would have hurried to HIM, and if you would have heeded and implemented Our Word in these messages.

Children, you do not have much time left. YOUR change must take place, because My Son, your Jesus, is ready, as well as HIS act of mercy so wonderful-coming, an act of pure love for your conversion and salvation, but if you are not ready, My beloved children, for HIM and this event, then it will be truly hard for you, and so many of you will be lost because you have not heard.

My child. My dear child. Please tell Our children they MUST get ready, because otherwise it will strike you, beloved children that you are, like a blow that knocks you down, a lightning that you do not know how to avoid, a thunder that makes you freeze....

Dear children, My so beloved children. Wake up at last and do something! Your earthly life will pass, and that time is very near. So why do you run after money and prestige, when Jesus alone should be your goal! Whoever truly surrenders to Him will have nothing to fear, but whoever continues to dwell in the worldly, be told: Jesus will not be able to take care of him, because he has become a slave to the worldly and does not trust in Him, in his Savior. He has not given himself to Jesus, but wants to shape his life himself, because he lacks trust and devotion.

His life would be so much easier with Jesus, but he holds on to worldly things, and that will be his undoing. He obstructs his own way to his Savior by NOT TRUSTING, NOT GIVING HIMSELF AND NOT LETTING HIM, HIS JESUS, WORK IN HIS LIFE!

Children, We have given you so much guidance! Read the messages and prepare yourselves, for only a prepared soul will be able to follow Jesus as the Lord intends, but an unprepared soul will continue to be caught up in the worldly and be easy prey for the Adversary.

So prepare yourselves, because the time is pressing! Let Jesus work in you and in your lives, and pray to the Holy Spirit for clarity!

You have received so many helps revealed by Us, so use them for your salvation and prepare yourselves, because what is coming now on your earth will become INCREDIBLE for many, many children, and without Jesus they will hardly, hardly or not at all hold out.

The adversary is cunning, and as long as you are not completely with Jesus, you are an easy target for him and his demons. So whoever does not want to get lost, pray and find completely to My Son! It is IMPOSSIBLE to ask the Holy Spirit DAILY for clarity, and also you MUST ask the help of your Heavenly Helpers DAILY!

I love you very much, and sadly I see how lost you still are. Your 'wanting to do it yourself' stands in your way the most, just like your ego.

You constantly want to find recognition, but you only need the love of Jesus to be 'healed', but you do not recognize it, because you continue to live in the outside, and the outside is more important to you than the love of My Son.

So give yourselves to HIM and prepare yourselves, because soon the chaff will be separated from the wheat, and woe to him who has not heard!

With deep love.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of Redemption.