God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1302 -

Do not do things by halves!

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Whoever does not plead to the Holy Spirit for clarity will have a hard time.

So pray and plead for clarity, for only the Lord's Holy Spirit can give you relief, keep you from confusion and (from) the snares of the evil one!

So pray to Him, to the Holy Spirit of the Lord, daily, so that you will not be lost and caught in the snares of the evil one!

To those who think they can survive without the Lord, let it be said: Only those who give themselves completely to Jesus will be spared from lies and wickedness, from snares and evils. But whoever thinks he has to take everything into his own hands, Jesus cannot work there!

So give yourselves completely to the Lord, because only HE can show you the way!

Listen to the call in these messages, because whoever is caught unprepared will be lost, whoever is not completely with Jesus will have a hard time, whoever does not give himself completely to Jesus will not attain the New Kingdom.

So let go of ego and recognition and everything worldly, for it will not give you the fruits of eternal life, let go of your unbelief, for whoever does not trust completely in Jesus will be lost to the Adversary.

You are playing with fire (!), so be warned!.

Don't do things by halves, because you can't! Either you are completely with Jesus, or you are not. But whoever is not, is easy prey for the evil one. So heed Our word in these messages, for it was given to you for your salvation. The Father loves you, and it is through this love that this mission came into being. So you also love Jesus, with all your being, so that the adversary will have no chance to steal you, and the New Kingdom will be your inheritance. Amen.

Whoever enters the New Kingdom will obtain the glory(s) of God. Do not put your eternity at risk, for the battle for souls has begun, and it will become harder and harder for you.

So convert and find completely to Jesus, love HIM with all your being, then, beloved children, the evil one will lose all power over you, and the glories of God will be granted to you already now.

Only a soul that is completely with the Lord will experience this gift.

So get ready and let the worldly be worldly.

I, your Saint Antony, implore you to conversion and preparation, so that Jesus can take you and you will not be lost to the Adversary. Amen.

Make this known also, My child. There is not much time left, and the children MUST be ready for Jesus. Amen.

Those who wait will not go, for it will be too late for them. Amen.

Your Antoni M. Claret. Amen.