God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1304 -

You are naive and already have no perspective!

Friday, May 21, 2021

My child. My dear child. The times will now darken and you must be ready for it.

Follow only Jesus, My Son who loves you so much, but not those who run away and make common cause with the adversary of My Son and God the Father. He, who is not sent by God, is causing much evil in your world, and YOU MUST NOT FOLLOW HIM. Stay alert, because the one who pretends to come from My Son does not come from HIM!

The one who will soon come will play common games with the one who is already there, and so many children will fall for them!

Believe neither the one nor the other, for both are up to evil and will lead you to perdition IF YOU DON'T WATCH AND STAY WATCHFUL! Whoever does not look, whoever does not listen, whoever talks himself into everything, whoever does not listen to Us, will soon have hoped to HAVE LISTENED TO OUR WORD.

It is incomprehensible that so many of you do not open your eyes, keep your ears closed, yet 'eat' all the lies and IMPLEMENT THEM!

Why, beloved children, are you doing this? You are running to your doom, rejoicing and full of joy, and will have such a rude awakening when it is already too late for you! Your only hope is My Son, but so many do not want to know about HIM, or -worse- they know about HIM, BUT DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE! Children, wake up, because you are playing with fire! Your days on earth are numbered, and the dark time is about to dawn. This will truly cost many of you 'everything', because in this time, which is dark and bleak, it will go badly for you, and you will do everything, what you get dictated, only to be able to 'live' in a world, which is going down, but you don't want to believe this and run in your ignorance, BECAUSE YOU DON'T LISTEN TO US, into the open knife of the devil and thereby seal your own damnation!

How did it come so far with you? Have you learned nothing at all? Do you really believe that hell does not exist? Do you think it is enough to be a good person in your eyes? You believe wrongly, because you do not live with Jesus, nor do you believe in His New Kingdom, and deny -consciously or unconsciously- where you are right now in this time!

The wicked are declared friends of men in your world, and so you will also celebrate the Antichrist as the one who he is not, sealing your downfall.

You are naive and have already no more insight. Only my son can free you from your misery, NOT BUT THE THOUSANDS, NOT YOUR SO APPOINTED HUMAN FRIENDS, not your so highly praised relief organizations, which are networked, sponsored and / or founded by just those (here it is necessary to distinguish, dear children, but you lack insight! ), and also not from world forums, which have networked and cunning only one goal, and this is not for your best.

So wake up and look the truth in the face, because if you look away, listen away and follow the mainstream, then you will be lost, like so many, who already do everything for it, accept and let themselves be imposed, IN ORDER TO LIVE AS A FREE HUMAN BEING. Don't you see that you are already UNFREE?

Dear children that you are, your salvation is at stake, and those who want your downfall are those whom you emulate. For what? This world will come to an end, and with it ALL who do not convert to My Son. YOU HAVE THE CHOICE: My Son or the devil. There are only these two ways, so choose well, because whoever does not choose My Son automatically chooses His adversary.

Be aware of this: every decision against My Son, as well as every decision withholding, leads you in the same direction: to the devil and to his kingdom of hell! You can only choose Jesus in order not to be lost, REGARDLESS OF WHAT THOSE SAY! Not every way leads to God the Father, ONLY JESUS leads you to the Father! Don't you realize how they are playing with you and your salvation?

The truth is twisted, changed, adapted so that your soul -YOU(!)- is lost, and you are eagerly playing along!

It is inconceivable, what happens just on your earth and with the human children, but all this was predicted to you. And because you have not heard, and so many do not want to hear, you are where you are, and you run lost through your life, because you do not know Jesus, have not given yourselves to HIM, have not given HIM your YES and rather preferred the worldly, transient to eternity. Your inheritance will be just if you do not repent. Amen.

Make this known, My child. Our children MUST convert, for it is their only chance.

Only My Son is the way to the Kingdom of Heaven, ONLY HE.

Your mother in heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.