God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1307 -

Dangerous is the Elite's Action!

Monday, May 31, 2021

Soon everything will be accomplished,

the clock really stands on half past seven,

and when it is time, My child',

all of you and We are happy at last,

those who faithfully follow the Lord,

HE is now really not far away.

but great is the confusion, My child,

so stay alert, because swiftly

and cunning is the serpent now,

and dangerous is the action of the elite.

so 'roll' heads, but be sure,

that even now the 'show' is not over,

for behind, you dear child',

it's boiling hot in the 'kitchen', and quickly

you have new people in front of you,

and all of them are also contaminated.

So carry hope only for HIM,

for Jesus, who really loves you,

for HE will come, dear people,

and this time is not far.

the plagues, pestilences, great they are,

the 'staging' passes away like the wind,

to harm you immediately afterwards

with evil deed, but the 'heavenly ringing'.

soon resounds, you dear child',

so stay faithful to the Lord, for soon He will give the warning.

He will give you the warning,

so hold on, dear people,

and confess the Lord Christ,

for HE alone is your salvation,

and only he who is faithful and devoted,

truly loves the Lord and is devoted,

to HIM, to Jesus your Lord,

for him the Kingdom is now no longer far away.

So stay strong and persevere,

because the confusing game of the devil loses

more and more of his 'shine' now,

but never, never will he rest,

to steal still many, many child'

from the Lord, so stay warned, dear child',

for he is cunning and full of deceit,

and work where you think he is far away.

so be and remain warned, My child',

for the curtain will soon fall, and very quickly

the next evil will come, and then

so many of you are poor again,

for they follow the beast through deceit and cunning.

and spoil themselves with and through all the dung,

which already now exists in your world

and still deceives so many children.

so stay alert and follow the Lord alone,

for only HE will deliver you from all the distress and torment.

The time is near, so get ready,

remain faithful to the Lord Christ and waste no time,

for the day is near when HE will return,

and only he who is faithful and devoted will not go lost.

So stay alert and always ready,

for very soon a new time is dawning

in peace and happiness and great joy,

so be and remain always ready

for Jesus, your Lord Christ,

for ONLY HE is the way to the Father and to the Kingdom of Heaven.

I warn you, for I love you,

for you are all gambling away your eternity.

Hear My word and remain all ready at all times,

for the lie is now showing itself very visibly.

Believe in Jesus and follow only HIM, My child,

otherwise you are all lost quickly.

Your Bonaventure